Thursday, 8 March 2012

"Support our troops" = send more of them to die for Blair, Brown, Cameron, Clegg, Bush, Obama, Israel and the whole Neo-Conning shebang ...

What do these people who "support our troops" mean? Send more of them to die?

If they wanted to discourage them they should join Anjem Choudary in his demonstrations when he tells British soldiers that their efforts are not appreciated and that they are dying only to incur the hatred of Muslims and right-thinking members of the international community.

That would make more sense than waiting for them to die in Afghanistan so they can show their "support" by turning up in morbid mawkish crowds so they can start crying and having hysterics when coffins are driven past Wootton Bassett - a truly DISGUSTING practice the photographs of which can be seen at

Talk about giving succour to the enemy, eh?   A bunch of British pussies having a good cry, like the bunch of women they now are, and enjoying the experience.

This is what you are dying for, you bunch of fucking SUCKERS.

If they were half the men they ought to be they would MUTINY.   Too bad I ain't in Helmand myself., or the British public would be treated to a different kind of a story and be preparing for a military coup, as I bring the boys back to sort out a few things back home so I can give Westminster a bit of a spring clean ....

Would it really be treasonous to storm Parliament during PMQ and take out the whole lot of them if you were leading a military coup?

It you called elections immediately afterwards, we would still be a democracy, wouldn't we?

Is it treason to rescue the Monarch from elected politicians who are misgoverning Her country, and actively colluding in the deaths of Her subjects for WHAT?  The Neo-Conning political clases can NEVER explain this adequately or coherently.

The honourable hard-working ones - John Baron MP, Peter Bone and Frank Field come to mind - will be warned to stay away from PMQ on the day.

As for the BBC lot, the ones who don't feel they can work with the new regime would leave the building before the military dictator drops in on them after his spring clean of the Commons.

The post Cameron Commons would operate as if Peter Bone MP's House of Commons Disqualification Bill were in force.

It is such a cheering scenario: the corpses of Cameron, May, Hague, Clegg, Maude being dragged out of the Commons in a trail of blood by the soldiers who would otherwise have been blown up in Afghanistan ....

I really hope that some enterprising Lieutenant Colonel will give this idea his serious consideration.

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