Thursday, 29 March 2012

Why oh why oh why did Nick Griffin block me from following his tweets?

I am sorry, but I just cannot get over the fact that Nick Griffin has blocked me from following his tweets.!/nickgriffinmep

I never annoyed him or tweeted at him or anything, and now I find myself being treated like a pariah by a pariah.  It is really is too much and is the unkindest cut of all!

Understandably perhaps, I whinged pathetically to my BNP buddies asking them why oh why oh why the Chairman is behaving in this hurtful way towards me, just like those many many lady writers from the Guardian who have taken a dislike to me because, by questioning feminism repeatedly and frequently, I have committed lese majeste as far as they are concerned.

Here are the answers so far:

27 March 2012
"He is afraid of you.  Feel the power"  

28 March 2012
"As I said to you last night, Griff is afraid of you.  You can quote me on that as I had many discussions with him about you and he felt intimidated by you and told me that a woman with your intellect would make him feel inferior."  
29 March 2012
"Twitter followers appear on a list and they don't want to be associated with your ideas prior to an election?"

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