Monday, 16 April 2012

China and the Tunisian imam learning Mandarin

A little girl in China was asked what she wanted to be when she grows up.  She said "An official. A corrupt official, because they have all the nice things."

This reminded me of this Tunisian imam I met in the Mandarin classes I used to attend, who said he was learning Mandarin so he could go there to convert the heathen Chinese.

His intonation was not very good so I can imagine the heathen Chinese giggling disrespectfully at him while he was explaining the virtues of the Holy Koran that will save their civilisation burning itself out in an orgy of consumerism and usury and SSMs, just like the West is doing now.

If this man succeeds, then the whole world really will become Muslim.

I wonder if there are many such Muslim missionaries like him.  China would be their biggest prize.  

First, Britain, then Israel and China, I think.  Secular Koranism is potentially global.  

Islam is not really so different from Ancient Chinese culture and treats women rather better than the ancient Chinese patriarchs used to treat their concubines.   Concubines would have to be converted into wives with equal legal status.   

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