Friday, 13 April 2012

Claire Khaw sets out her stall *again* for leadership of a civic nationalist party that will eventually rival the BNP *and* UKIP
Andrew Brons BNP MEP slags off incumbent leader of the BNP and invites Nick Griffin to stand down.

And then what?

He is too old to take over and parties like the BNP do not have the luxury of having caretaker leaders.  If they want a new leader he (or she) will have to be able to hit the ground running, be able to keep a fractious party together and connect with the public.
Claudia Dalgleish has more revelations about her ex-boyfriend the London Organiser who is Number 1 on the GLA Top Up list.


I wish people would attack the party on policy grounds.

Ultimately, none of this is going to make the party fall because the people who vote BNP would be OK about sex shops, the aphrodisiacs that they sell and drug use in general. This is probably true of most white voters whom we all know are liberal and licentious on sexual matters.

Even the scandal about the Chairman exposing himself to Claudia Dalgleish in her car was a bit of a damp squib.  The male members who supported him assumed he had done it, but said Claudia must have led him on, as if it were OK for a leader of a political party to be excused anything just because he was "led on" by a scarlet woman.

Most depraved white British men of all classes would probably be happy to admit that they could never in any circumstances refuse a blow job, no matter who was offering it.

Knowing them, they would feel that having a GLA member who has a bit of a Hugh Hefner reputation would add a bit of glamour to British nationalism.

The BNP have to have Steve Squire because none of them have the money or the guts to do it, and Nick Griffin was never going to let Jeffrey Marshall be the London Mayoral Candidate even if he could pronounce "London" properly, unlike Carlos Cortiglia, the Uruguayan BNP London Mayoral Candidate.

Poor old Jeffrey, who is now being punished for daring to discuss to alight briefly on the subject of eugenics, when he and I objected to the fuss being made about Ivan Cameron's death, whose father had used the NHS to win the sympathy vote, all at expense of the British taxpayer.

It would appear that the BNP want someone foreign to be their London Mayoral Candidate in just the way major supermarkets prefer foreign labour and the way some white men prefer to have an oriental for a wife because they think she will be more submissive and clean the house and cook better and more often.

What is Andrew Brons doing these days anyway? He is just whingeing from the sidelines and not offering any new ideas.

There is really no alternative to Nick Griffin. However crap disgruntled nationalists think Nick Griffin is, they cannot find anyone better, and that is the bottom line.

The only person who can obviously do it better is me, and these men are never going to be led by someone who is female and foreign. Why, she might even do much better than Nick Griffin, tell them the truth about what is wrong with this country, do what is necessary to take the party to new heights, but that would never do, because white male pride would never cope with being led by a female and a foreigner, even if she is obviously better.

Better the weeds of Nick Griffin to the fruits of Claire Khaw, they will  intone solemnly, like a mantra ...

All that  needs to happen now is for a prominent nationalist to get in touch and we will be Up, Up and Away, but I know many will be inhibited from making such a move, probably because they will have no inhibition in admitting to a fear of flying.

The only way to take British nationalism forward is to NOT be seen to be hating Jews, Muslims, other races or foreigners, but take some of the responsibility for the ills of the nation because of the whole scale submission by the men of Britain to the emasculating effects of feminism.

The only way to make people listen to you is to convince them that you are nicer and smarter and braver than anyone else around, that you really have solutions to the problems, and are not afraid to say things that need to be said.

But this is something that no British nationalist has the courage and the generosity of spirit to do, and they will go back to their tired old ways of whingeing about the Jews, Muslims, foreigners and their own white traitorous liberal politicians, while pathetically hoping for some no-strings sex from the nearest Slut Single Mum.

Jews and Muslims practice family values supported by marriage and their women are better mothers, have more children, so they easily overtake the white working classes.

Why would anyone want to vote for a party whose members are men who cannot compete with immigrant labour in the field of unskilled labour and whom no employers in their right mind would want to hire anyway?

They also go around carrying carrier bags in their lower class way. Only poor men and bag ladies use carrier bags to carry their belongings around in, but they don't care, not even when I point out again and again that the British voter is an incorrigible snob and will never ever vote for a party of poor lower class people who go around carrying their belongings in carrier bags who don't go on foreign holidays often enough to like foreigners.

Of all the BNP activists whom I have heard speak in my time as a BNP member, only Robert Bailey the ex-London Organiser told them to pick up a book occasionally in one of his typically inspirational speeches, for the sake of their race and their nation.

If only the media would ask Nick Griffin why he is so crap when liberalism is just a rotten door waiting to be pushed open with a gentle nudge, but these days the liberal media are not encouraged to ask interesting questions, because they too are afraid of saying the wrong thing and losing their jobs.

Verily, the British live in a land of fools, knaves, cowards, hypocrites, sluts and bastards indulging simultaneously in all the seven deadly sins like there is no tomorrow.  There is really nothing at all you can do with these lemming-like people except watch in wonder and horror as they throw themselves off a cliff en masse.

You cannot appeal to their reason or their sense of honour or fair play because they genuinely do not understand these concepts any more.  If they have a vague idea of what these ideas are they certainly do not have it in them to act upon this thing called principle.

You see, lower animals who are singly-parented by their Slut Single Mums tend not to have the ability to reason with abstract ideas such as morality and the nature and purpose of having principles, and sons who are singly-parented by their single mothers do not learn or practice masculine virtues either at home or in their co-educational schools (who are in any case only staffed by the female and feminist-dominated teaching profession).

Should they get married they will be afraid to annoy and irritate their wives in case she divorces them and takes half their stuff before depriving them of contact with their offspring.

The only thing you can do to them to make them do anything now is to hurt them in the way a farmer would use a cattle prod to move his sheep from field to field, sadly.

How are the mighty fallen.


jill jones said...

would a 'Waitrose' carrier bag be alright? signed 'english bag-lady'

Claire Khaw said...

Not even a Harrods one!

gssltd said...

Very good article and how very perceptive....

gssltd said...

Very good article and how very perceptive...