Monday, 23 April 2012

Decent MPs in no particular order who have a mind and IDEAS of their own unlike the useless lobby fodder

I shall be adding to this list as and when.   

Tom Harris needs to be a little more courageous.

David Davis of Howden & Haltemprice needs to renounce and apologise for his support for the war and he will be OK with the voter.

Diane Abbott is one funny lady and it is a pity she is not leader so we can all have a good laugh from time to time.  This woman can be quite witty sometimes and it would have been great fun to watch her annoy everybody on her own side and everyone else.

Cameron is clearly not having a good time and he is just beginning to find out how much he is hated.   I am willing to take take the place of Steve Hilton if he is feeling a little beleaguered and wondering what to do next.   I would only tell him to stand aside for John Baron anyway.

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