Monday, 2 April 2012

Feminism is a Nationalist Concern

If you don't get this, you don't get anything at all.

The only reason why immigrant labour has been let in by successive Tory and Conservative governments is because every country, no matter how wealthy, needs a labour force.

Clearly, women have been too busy competing with men to do their own work properly, which is to bring up the next generation and bring it up well.

Why are there so many Slut Single Mums who have sons who are NEETs and who have daughters who are also SSMs like them?

The quality of British motherhood and the morals of British women are to blame, of course.

But this is something no one wants to acknowledge, even the INDEPENDENT PANEL tasked to discover the causes of the riots we had in England last year, presumably because they too are afraid offending Slut Single Mum PARASITES.

We know who is in power by whom we cannot criticise.

But why are we allowing the worst of people - the stupid promiscuous women who breed rioting criminal bastards to dictate social policy?

Is it because we are mad?

Of course feminism should be challenged by nationalists, but they are too emasculated, enfeebled and degenerate to do so now.

They prefer to leave such things to the Muslims when they take over.    

Judith Tebbutt - a sign of things to come for the white woman if the white man refuses to challenge feminism 

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