Sunday, 15 April 2012

A few ideas about how I can become famous in CLAIRE KHAW THE MOVIE by Louis Theroux or Nick Broomfield or both

"A six-part half-hour radio series promoting the programme of a secular koranism and how it would improve the quality of life in this country in which you go out and engage with your usual hobby horses: ssms, Jews, Islamic scholars, nationalists, lesbians in an entertaining socratic vox pop style.each week a different theme.
I guess tv would be even better done nick broomfield style."

 I was actually thinking of Nick Broomfield last night and even looked at his walls! The lights are on but nobody's in. He does have an email address and I could interest him in filming me and my Northern Tour, when I will be visiting Liverpool (to confront the annoying BNP Organiser who threatened to resign if he heard I was invited to any more BNP meetings or attended any BNP function), Hartlepool (so I can kiss and make up with Cheryl Dunn who threatened to maim and kill me), Hornsea (Rev Peter Lamb to listen to his sermon and have a drink with Donna Knowles, Stuart Hamilton at the pub afterwards), and bring the gift of coal to Carina Simpson of Newcastle.
It would be quite entertaining, would it not?

I would like to fit in a mosque or synagogues too, if I possibly can. I like the look of the mosque in Tod. 

Are there any well-known synagogues Oop Norf I could drop in on, I wonder.

It would be nice to hire a coach and invite a few select FB friends on the journey.   

"proposition to get the media people slavering. Plenty of controversy and locality and a "colourful" character at the heart of it so they don't have to look like they endorse your views."

"It would be good to dispel the impression left by the Victoria darbyshire show that you are only about murdering disabled infants in their cradle.

The idea would be to point out the contradictions inherent in your opponents' positions. And show how Secular Koranism would be an advance. Maybe you could even get Slavoj Zizek on board to talk about the crisis of liberal democracy and the rise of ethnic nationalism. after all if he's prepared to go onstage with that slug Assange ... "

This is the ULTIMATE road movie!  

There is also the possibility of Sunday lunch at the Vicarage the Reverend Phil Lamb after listening to his sermon. 

I have been told it is a "beautiful place".

My Facebook friend Mohammed hopes to drive me to Hornsea, but I really need a chaperone, I think, as well as a cameraman if Louis T and Nick B won't do it.  

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