Thursday, 12 April 2012

The form of Anglican Islam will be reassuringly Christian

I will tell you my idea of Anglican Islam. It is basically everything in the Book of Common Prayer that does not contradict the Koran. People would still go to church, sing hymns, celebrate Xmas, but what they will no longer do is affirm or refer to the doctrine of the Trinity or practice the ritual of pretending to drink Christ's blood and eat his flesh. Bells will continue to be rung in churches all over England. The Nicene creed will no longer be recited. Sermons will be proper sermons based the exhortations and prohibitions of God using current affairs and news stories to drive the point home.

SIN - especially Slut Single Mums - WILL BE CONDEMNED, NOT TOLERATED.

Any reference to the Trinity and the divinity of Christ in hymns and carols will be removed and replaced with other suitable words.

Priests will continue to wear their cassocks, vicars their dog collars, but the Lefties, feminists, Commies and the openly gay will be slung out.

Now tell me what is wrong with this idea?

Abdal Hakim Murad will be my Ayatollah of Cambridge.  I will let him appoint the Ayatollahs of York and Canterbury, I think.

Proposed Ayatollah of Cambridge

If he is really really really good he might be able to take up residence in Hampton Court, if I have anything to do with anything, and live a Cardinal Wolsey sort of life, without the unhappy ending, because he deserves it and is worth it.   

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