Thursday, 26 April 2012

How Ken can mop up a few more votes and give Boris a haircut on May 3

We could have a recorded debate on immigration, Islam, the war, the economy, law and order, the Americanisation AKA dumbing down of British politics, how he sees the future etc.  Or he could just allow me to interview him and blog about it.

If he wants me only at arm's length we can do this by Twitter or Facebook.

Over to you, Ken, to mop up votes from "Far Right" Londoners if you position yourself with just the right choice of words.

The only thing Ken has done that the BNP would approve of is his anti-war stance, which is in agreement with their own.

Boris hasn't even got that because that twerp voted for the war.  

Now is the time to see if all London voters care about is their own pleasures and their own comfort and that they don't give a damn about messing up other people's countries and ruining their lives.  

For all London voters who hate the war and what is being done in their name voting for Ken ought to be a no-brainer.

Now is the time to see if Londoners are mere sheeple dazzled by the public school charm of their Etonian mayor (with Prime Ministerial ambitions) who always makes a point of shying away from discussing controversial subjects and who VOTED FOR THE WAR, unlike Our Wise, Courageous and Independent-minded Ken.

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