Friday, 6 April 2012

My Easter Message: The Resurrection of God through the Agency of Man

  1. We only believe in God because we want to.
  2. We disbelieve in God when we don't think we need to believe in Him.
  3. Wealth and power makes some of us dispense with the need for a belief in God.
  4. "Let us with caution indulge the supposition that morality can be maintained without religion." George Washington
  5. God is the most powerful entity and idea conceivable by Man.   
  6. Man, has God-like, through his powers of imagination and reasoning, created God.
  7. The only way of understanding God is by teleology.  By examining the nature and purpose of God, we can de-construct God, and then put Him back together again, in perfect working order.
  8. God was created to assist Man in his politics, morality and spirituality.
  9. Western Man will once more return to God when things get bad enough to wipe that liberal feminist atheistical smirk off his smug degenerate features.   It will happen very soon.   
  10. The God that Western man worships is Mammon and therefore the God of the Appetites of Western man.  This means Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll and the Gangsta Culture of the Slut Single Mum that the demented matriarchy that feminism has created.   This is the poison he has been ingesting for over half a century.   The face of Western man is the face of the painting of Dorian Gray.   It will not be long before he plunges that knife into his own portrait once he has tired of his hedonism and sensation-seeking.   


Anonymous said...

#5 sounds similar to St. Anselm's ontological argument for the existence of God, which has been criticised plenty.

There are also other arguments for the existence of God, just as the teleological one, which you hint at in #7. Before Darwin published the Origin of Species, a theory was proposed suggesting that God exists due to the complex designs found in nature. Richard Dawkins is one who has elaborated on this.

Nietschze said "God is dead". Deconstruction can mainly be traced to Jacques Derrida. One of my favourite philosophers though is Schopenhauer.

You talk about society's degenerate state, but there is also a Christian left.

Oh yeah, and Jim Morrison. Well, at least he sang "Light My Fire" better than Will Young. Then again, Labi Siffre sang "Something Inside So Strong" better than Rik Waller.

Anonymous said...

However for Christians the argument is about as valid as an infant in his mothers arms asking if his mum exists