Thursday, 26 April 2012

Nationalist Tittle Tattle

Yesterday a nationalist got in touch.  I think he was trying to say I should turn up at the Friday meeting in West London tomorrow.  Oh, but they would only turn me away, I said.  Perhaps they will forget to do so and welcome you with open arms, he said, and then I could really put a curse on the party if I were photographed in the group, he seemed to be saying - me with my rather striking poses with gun and flag, he said sarcastically.

I said it was my intention to start a campaign to detoxify Nazi imagery and to use it as a symbol of defiance against the PC liberal extremist political establishment we now have.

"A hard card to play," he remarked, and explained he could not be my Facebook friend either because it might be bad for business, after I complained that Eddy "Playing It Safe" Butler would not now be my Facebook friend.

Inevitably we got to the subject of other controversial photographs of other nationalists the most recent of which was the London Secretary Donna Treanor.

I said there were comments that the bits and pieces shown were of a younger woman when they know that Donna is a middle aged woman, suggesting the use of Photoshop.

No, he seemed to think that the skin tone and bits and pieces fitted.  The hands and fingers were certainly hers.

Hoho, I said, you sound like you know rather too much about the bits and pieces of Donna Treanor, I joshed.

What about those photos of Alan Harvey, I asked.  Were they really him, I asked. He was of the opinion that they were.

And then there began another spell of teeth-gnashing, hair-pulling and garment rending.  Why oh why oh why are we run by sluts, perverts, porn stars, prostitutes and porn addicts, he bewailed.

What is wrong with us?

No, dear reader, I did not say it was 3 to 4 generations of bastardy and sluttery that has reduced the white man to this sorry state.   I will let him read it here.

Only when enough people can bring themselves to say, after me, that FEMINISM IS A NATIONALIST ISSUE, will there be any hope of a cure.   You cannot have a prescription without a diagnosis.  You cannot have a solution until you admit that you have a problem.  Too many are still in denial about the perniciousness of feminism.

Another nationalist also called and mentioned those gun and flag photos, which he had heard about but hadn't seen.  He declared that I was an unusual individual and suggested that my family must have had problems with me.  I admitted that it was probably the case that back home I was considered such a trouble-maker than I can no longer return to settle there permanently.

I am therefore like a cornered rat.  It was UKIP who drove me further Right by refusing to let me join.  However, I do not regret doing so at all and have met very many interesting people which I otherwise would not have met, chief of whom was Simon Sheppard, Political Prisoner.

His analysis of the feminine psyche is spot on.  Because of the accuracy of his analysis  that is unflattering to women, it makes women hate him and then accuse of him of misogyny.  

Getting to know people of the Far Right has simply given me more range and depth amongst nationalist circles.

I think most people understand the need for me to attract attention and generate publicity.   It is perhaps a babyish way of doing it by posing Nazily with gun and flag, but it is really to demonstrate my commitment to the cause and my preparedness to offend liberal sensibilities and to put them on notice that their reign is coming to an end because the patience of the people is coming to an end.

I have started so I will finish, as Magnus Magnussen said.  I like to think I am like Christopher Columbus at the half way point of his journey round the world.  He might as well carry on rather than just turn back even if the way ahead be dark and stormy.

So, all I need to do now is persuade the ethno-nationalists that civic nationalism will serve them better as an ideology than their tried and failed ethno-nationalism.  We have very little time left.

It is only when a modern ideology of pragmatism based on sound moral foundations for the greater good (ie the National Interest) has been agreed upon will Nationalism no longer be associated primarily with the lumpenproletariat as represented by its core supporters who give Nationalism such a bad name.

That day should come sooner rather than later, and certainly before the next General Election, if Nationalists know what is good for them, which they probably don't, judging by the way they carry on.  

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