Monday, 2 April 2012

The next step for nationalists

What I have noticed about nationalists (both men and women) is that while many of them tell me privately that they agree with me about feminism, they cannot actually bring themselves to say so in public because they do not want to be a pariah of pariahs, like me.

This would mean that they are even more afraid of their women (who are overwhelmingly sluts) than the Jews, Muslims, foreigners and the liberal political establishment that they are always complaining about

Who are sluts?  Technically, any woman who sleeps with a man not her husband is a slut.

A slut is different from a prostitute in that a prostitute gives the punter a price up front, while a slut pretends it is free and makes the man and society pay for the sex later.

That is why a prostitute should always be considered a degree above a slut single mother, because she plies an honest trade, unlike the Slut Single Mum.

While I know that the overwhelming majority of white British women are sluts - because they have been brought up to do it if it feels good - I am talking only about Slut Single Mums.

The difference between a slut and a Slut Single Mum is the difference between a suspected criminal and a convicted criminal.

The prohibition against adultery and fornication was really meant as a preventative measure to prevent the majority of women from becoming Slut Single Mums and their society from turning into a society that resembles Paedo Bastard Britain Slutland, which means the end of your civilisation.

It was also to prevent their men from becoming so degenerate that they don't mind admit that they are afraid of their women, which, let's face it, men these days are no longer afraid of doing.

These men are of course contemptible cowards.   There is actually not a single British white male who is a nationalist, apart from Simon Sheppard of the British People's Party, who has views resembling mine.
is his latest book, only available on Kindle. has a review of All About Women.

Nick Griffin has blocked me from following him on Twitter, which I thought was quite interesting.   He clearly wants to dissociate himself from my ideas.

So, only the Muslims are prepared to question and challenge feminism, while the white atheist man is cowers in fear of his women, who are mostly sluts.

Reflect upon this, especially if you call yourself a nationalist.

If you think nationalism is about complaining about Jews, Muslims and liberals while you cower in fear of SSMs from whom you hope for the favour of her easy virtue, then you are not really a nationalist who is worth his salt.

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