Monday, 23 April 2012

Photo taken with Kevin Watmough's phone last Thursday at Todmorden Flea Market

Taken by Steve using Kevin Watmough's phone at the flea market in Todmorden on Thursday 19 April

Kevin Watmough was in the picture, to the left of David Jones but Kev has edited himself out.

David has now been expelled from the British People's Party. has the BPP "Statement of Removal". has David Jones' post-expulsion statement. has a thread asking "Dave Jones BPP-WTF's going on here?" discusses his post-expulsion statement.

Is Nationalism really about not having yourself photographed with other races?  (Kevin Watmough made a point of cutting himself out of the photo.)

There is now talk about the BPP merging with the NF.  If David and I have in any way advanced the cause of nationalist unity, then I am glad.  It is actually easier to have all the ethnos in one-party rather than dotted about here and there in their tribal divided way being stand-offish with each other.

John Tyndall:

"The little men who talk about uniting Britain, the white race, Europe or whatever you prefer, cannot even unite themselves. Any talk of a common fight against a common enemy is treated by them as a sinister plot to undermine their own precious private identities."

The Right "... is an incohesive mass of jealously squabbling tin-pot Caesars, more concerned with the pursuance of private vendettas than with the aim of ultimate national salvation."

When a foreigner arrives and asks the locals "Take me to your leader" that is precisely what she wishes to be done, and not be asked silly questions such as "Er, which leader do you mean?"

I actually understand a little why they might hate and fear me so much though.   Even if they thought I would be the best person for the job, they wouldn't let me do it because of their white male pride.   They would rather have the weeds of Ethno-Nationalism than the fruits of Civic Nationalism, I know, I know.

Some of them perhaps fear that I might "take over" and turn Britain into a Caliphate, who knows?

There are some who think I am too friendly with Griffin because of that photo at

My expulsion, quasi-proscription and then being blocked from following Nick Griffin's tweets would suggest that he and I are not on the best of terms.

Perhaps they fear that I am creating a Cult of Personality.  Yes, I have to admit that.  There is no point in entering politics and then being shy and retiring because people will just ignore you and forget you and not know what you stand for.

I will do anything within reason and the law to get myself noticed and talked about, in order to promote myself and my ideas.

The wiser ones will already know that I can accomplish more in a shorter space of time than they can, because I am neither male nor white.   I also do not have a wife who would divorce me for my political views.

If you are considered a pariah and wanted someone to represent people like you and promote your interests, would you hire someone in a similarly lowly position to represent your interests?

Would a sane lunatic wish another lunatic to represent his interests?  I rather think not.  If he were a sane lunatic he would choose someone who was not a lunatic either.

Of course, the liberals consider me a pariah because I now do not have a party, but that can be easily remedied by starting one, perhaps with David Jones, representing Ethno- and Civic Nationalist Unity that is intended to rival and surpass the BNP and give its activists better working conditions and more rights.

What is there not to like about this idea, once you have gotten over the fact that I am female and not white, as long as I do my job which is to make Nationalism intellectually and socially respectable?

It is not like you are doing the job so well that you don't need any help.

It is not as if I am not offering you all something new, exciting and different.  I am offering you something that will change the existing order, sooner rather than later.

Doubtless you will be a little suspicious of my motives, but I am only doing this because I can't bear to watch you all wasting your time, dithering about and literally destroying yourselves.

I am not the sort who will watch a drowning man drown when I could easily throw him a rope or a life saving ring.
I promise to stand aside for anyone who is better suited for the job when he appears on the scene, but not before.

In any party that I form, the noble nationalist tradition of having a leadership election ever year will be established as soon as the membership numbers and available talent make it a worthwhile exercise.  I will be the most exciting caretaker leader you can ever hope to have.

I ask again: what is there not to like?


Anonymous said...

"Precisely. There are a lot of little men in nationalism. I firmly believe that to be a nationalist leader is a woman's job ... Marine, St Margaret, Joan of Arc. And the subtext to all the nonsense on SF directed at you is that they all find you, despite themselves, to be a striking, attractive and intellectually able woman. This causes them great discomfort and conflict of course, and their collective inferiority complex can't cope.

They're bankrupt and if they're the hope of the country, then we may as well shoot ourselves now."

SerpentSlayer said...

I think you answered your own question there, because too many people would be suspicious of your motives and they would not believe you to be a geniuine Nationalist. If you are a believer in the right for the white race to remain the dominant race of Europe then I would gladly side with you.

My personal choice of a caretaker leader however would be someone like Richard Edmonds or Jim Lewthwaite, mainly because of their experience, longevity and the fact that they are members of my tribe.

It's just the way it is. We would likely be well-governed by such as the blog owner, unfortunately the world doesn't work like that. For now we are doomed to disunity.

But tomorrow, tomorrow belongs to us.

Claire Khaw said...

Richard Edmonds and Jim Lewthwaite would not be able to keep the warring factions in the nationalist movement together nor connect with the British voter, and you know it.

I know for a fact that neither of them even do email. Richard Edmonds does not have a mobile phone or an answering machine. They are a pair of technophobic old dinosaurs, which does not bode well for the movement.

I really do feel I would be more in touch with British youth than these two ever would be.

I, too, would arouse great interest, and you already know my views on most things since I have done nothing but blog incessantly about them.

It may not all agree with all of yours, but I would get the movement more attention and interest than any of you ever would, and accomplish for you more things, and sooner too.

The fact that I am foreign and female makes me ideally placed to confound and confuse the enemy than if I were white and male.

And so, all I need is enough support from enough credible nationalists to give me genuine credibility. That is all I need, gentlemen, though no doubt you will need another 7 or 14 years to ponder this question until I am so old I fall off my perch, and be no good to man nor beast.

Claire Khaw said...

I am curious that you did not mention Peter Rushton who is personable, educated and who could pass himself off as one of the political classes.

Eric Blair said...

Perhaps Peter Rushton's association with the outspoken Michele Renouf is the reason.

Claire Khaw said...

What about Arthur Kemp? He seems to have retired.