Sunday, 22 April 2012

Post Expulsion Statement of David Jones, formerly of the British People's Party


Yesterday it was without a doubt with regret I found out that I am no longer a member or holder of position in the British People's Party. This has come about as a result of my inviting ex-BNP Malaysian/ Chinese blogger Claire Khaw and Jeffrey Marshall BNP East London Organiser for a three day visit to Todmorden, primarily as a gesture of friendship (I quite like them both, and they both made me feel very welcome in London) and partly to cover my election campaign for a seat on Calderdale Council.

As a result of some of the bad publicity (I am the last remaining nationalist running in my area, I am bound to get some flak) I honestly felt that this would be a great chance to shift the topic of conversation. Indeed in Todmorden, my hometown, the conversation on everybody's mind is "Who were those out of towners?" not "Dave did you forge your election signatures?". Todmorden is a small town and news travels fast.

Well 12 hours later (during which both mine and Ms Khaw's primary facebook accounts mysteriously vanished!) the ever reliable and hard working opponents of nationalism at Hope Not Hate had reproduced her photographs I asked her to put on her blog "Voice of Reason", this rapidly made it to Stormfront and then by 2pm I was expelled by a post on my wall from the Party for making my association with "the gook" public.

I say making it public because both the party's ally Simon Sheppard, Party Leader Kevin Watmough and his wife Kathleen have all entertained her in previous, similar visits, interviews anp photographs etc. The difference is that I am not the person to hide this, even though I am expected to it seems. 

Kevin met us in Todmorden at the flea market, and he and his friend leafleted the backstreets with us and seemed to have no problem. Yet I am expected to keep it a secret? Sorry, I'm a straightforward guy and have very few secrets.

The "StormFront" crowd are going bananas over this. Some suggesting I "was desperate for my hole, spent the day drinking with her, handed her a 'smiley hitler t shirt and dummy gun' and..." well I'll leave the rest to your imagination. As much as my rivals on the right (yes I have a few) and my enemies on the left would like to portray me as a sex-starved hillbilly I was in fact a perfect gentleman. (There were no midnight, alcohol-fuelled orgies by the fireplace I can assure you!)

[Claire Khaw: I got the T-shirt from the 36th New Right meeting I attended before I was banned by Troy Southgate.  You can get yours at]

Then these self appointed "guardians of the white race" (read keyboard warriors living in their mothers houses, sat in their underpants in bedrooms) stooped to attacking my Native American (Hopi, Apache, Cree & Lokata) friends. These people being much finer specimens and ambassadors of their race than these other dregs are of ours. Some of these connections I have had through my past associations with 1% Motorcyle groups, and am proud to call myself a friend of their race - a race that largely traded its Horses for its Iron Horses and preserves its culture.

I thank many for their kind words and encouragement. My beliefs have never shifted. I a proud white man, a nationalist who wants a homeland white people stand a chance in, anti-war, anti-religion (neo-Norse Pagan leaning though) and Confederate-style, anti-statist and ultra-liberterian. All these aspects of my political philosophy stem from my personality, my intrinsic desire to not be pushed around.

That last point has been a bone of contention for those who take the 'Socialism' element of the NSDAP too seriously, above and over the 'National'. Also my consistent anti-war message has appeared to undermine the crude Islamophobia and working relationship of some of the BPP's newer allies. I consider attacking Moslems for its own sake to be playing into the hands of the pro-war System - having said that nobody hates the idea of Islam taking hold of Britain more than I do, though I know Claire Khaw has a different take on this. 

[Claire Khaw: I believe, as George Washington did, that "we must with caution in indulge the supposition that morality can be maintained without religion."]   

My association with moderates like Andrew Brons MEP and Dr Jim Lewthwaite has also wrankled many nationalists in the BPP (who have been behaving like a jealous woman, because I got invited to their meets and they didn't) and the NF (of which I see/saw a serious danger that the BPP would end up being absorbed by). That said I am my own man I'll associate with who I like, I've never let anybody push me around yet and hope I never will.

Of course my candidacy for the BPP in Calderdale Council still stands as the papers are signed (I was the Nominating Officer anyway) the difference is without the party whip I would merely take my seat as an independent if elected, not as BPP.

Other than that I will fight my election as planned, accept my expulsion and intend to explore ways of working with Claire Khaw and other Independents.

The future of the BPP is no longer my concern, I know Kevin will keep it going some how, but the future of our nation is and that sets me up for the road ahead.

David Jones;Independent Nationalist ( formerly the Commissioner of the BPP);Todmorden, Lancs was where I posted at 04-21-2012, 09:04 PM:

It was Eddy Stampton who told me you can be a Zionist without being a Jew. I imagine what is sauce for the Zionist gander should also be sauce for the White Nationalist goose. 

Does a white nationalist really have to be white?

Don't you people think you need all the help you can get?

Eddy Stampton's response (posted on his behalf by "Whitehammer1"):

A Zionist is someone that believes the Jews deserve their own homeland, that is what I meant. **** knows why this mongoloid freak has brought me into this argument. It's time nationalism shunned the freaks. FFS, are we this desperate? Well done KW for expelling that crank Jones.

Go to Stormfront, and you will see what enlightened discussions they have about Nationalism.

As I was saying yesterday, it is high time that Nationalism is toilet-trained.

I would argue that Nationalism should be an ideology that is dedicated to promoting the National Interest rather than the interests of dysfunctional white men  who pride themselves on their xenophobia and racism.

If my definition became the working definition of Nationalism, it would even help dysfunctional white men or at any rate decrease their numbers by getting rid of the liberal progressive feminists poisoning the education system and disadvantaging boys, repealing employment legislation that disadvantage men, ostracising SSMs (Slut Single Mums) who have deprived their sons of a good father, supporting Marriage (which must mean disadvantaging Slut Single Mums), destroying Feminism (which promotes the foulest of vices - female promiscuity and widespread illegitimacy) as a respectable system of beliefs, and punishing criminals properly.

It is my intention that Nationalism will rest on the principles of Reason, Justice and Humanity while rejecting the indulgences of an Evil Extremist Liberal Matriarchy, ie Sentimentality, Irrationality, Expediency and the automatic privileging of women to the extent that they now have the right to do anything but the obligation to do nothing, and are never ever expected to take any responsibility for their actions.

It would be fine by me if they were doing men's jobs better than men, but they are not, are they, while they are neglecting their own work and destroying everything that was noble and good about Western civilisation.

It is certainly my intention that Enlightened Nationalism will question and challenge the immoral, incoherent and irrational assumptions of Feminism and eventually defeat it, by argument alone.   


SerpentSlayer said...

My estimation of the BPP has lowered. My regards for Mr. David Jones however remain the same.

Globalism affects all of humanity, the Globalists hate us the most but they think little of everybody. This means there are a lot of people who stand to benefit from whites reclaiming their homelands!

Do some people fail to see that th whole world is enslaved by world jewry?

Do they honestly think that the entirety of the non-white world is in collusion with this cabal?

I despair, I really do. I find the idea of Andrew Brons being a 'moderate' absurd. The man was a member of the NSM in the sixties and has devoted his life to our cause!
If anything working with this man is a sign of good credentials.

Rant over. I wish you the best of luck Dave Jones, we met briefly at one such AB meeting and I'm glad to say it was a pleasure. Keep up the good work and I hope the election goes well!

Anonymous said...

"Hi Dave. Sorry about what happened. I think that it was really wrong that the BPP expell you just because of your association with Claire Khaw. That party needs to stop being so purist or else it will achieve nowhere, you yourself were only trying to be pragmatic in your stance of things.

That Stormfront site is the most time wasting place ever. They are worse than Facebook, they message you on everything which you have written. I have been banned from Stormfront all because I got into a small squabble with some moron who was taking the piss out of me. In fact when you are banned from Stormfront, then you have to find set up a new account on another computer because they have your IP address.

As for party membership, I suggest that you join either the EFP or the DNP. You have spoken well of them so I am sure that they would suit you."