Saturday, 28 April 2012

A proposed Darwinian Party of Nationalism - POLITICS DRAMA DOCUMENTARY IDEA

  1. Its purpose - to give anyone who has revolutionary ambitions a chance to play the game of politics and eventually overthrow the government.
  2. Anyone can join as long as they can convince its founder members that they are sincere in wishing to develop policies that promote the National Interest and are decent, right-thinking members of society.
  3. A Code of Conduct will require that its members behave in a comradely way towards each other.  (An example of uncomradely behaviour would be if members do unto other members what they hate to have done unto themselves.)
  4. Such a party would function as a debating society with motions proposed, seconded, opposed or carried as the case may be as well as run for elections.
  5. There would be a disciplinary tribunal whose quality of rigour and mercy will be higher than that of any other party in the country.
  6. The member's right to criticise party policy or the leader without endangering his position in the party will be jealously upheld.  
  7. There will be no Party Whip and it will be as if Peter Bone MP's House of Commons Disqualification Bill were in force.
  8. Its purpose is to eventually create a one-party state in which current MPs and aspiring politicians find that the workings of such a party gives them better working conditions than what is currently available, as well as making their jobs easier and their position more prestigious while delivering to voters better government.  

It is hoped that the workings of such a party will be of some interest to psychologists, politicians, journalists, revolutionaries, aspiring dictators, TV documentary makers, novelists etc.   

Any TV production company who steals this idea without acknowledging the source of this idea or inviting my participation will not be making a programme that could be as entertaining as it would otherwise be with me and my associates in it.   


Anonymous said...

What has this got to do with Darwin exactly?

Claire Khaw said...

It means that the party is open enough to let most people join and there is a danger they may take over the party. Survival of the fittest practitioners of the arts of politcking is the name of the game.