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Protest against liberal extremism by voting David Jones Councillor of Todmorden!

David Jones of the British People's Party - he is  posing with an Ensign Model - Saxby & Palmer hunting airgun, and not a "sniper rifle" as the Star on Sunday  so sensationally claimed. Star on Sunday has brought my mate David Jones of the BPP to the attention of the wider British public. is something I prepared earlier about why I do not have a problem with young white men fetishising Nazi imagery as a form of youthful rebellion.  

The Reds are using that rather dramatic gun and flag photo of my mate Dave Jones again in an attempt to discredit him and ruin his campaign to become borough councillor of Todmorden.

What I would like to see now is Swastika, Iron Cross brooches and badges worn with burqas, sarees, shalwar kameezes, chadors, kaftans, jelabas etc.  I am sure many many non-white British citizens such as Muslims hate the idea of gay marriage which Cameron is hell-bent on pushing through, but are too afraid to say in case in case they provoke yet another wave of seething, spitting, gnashing Islamophobia.

I am actually in favour of British voters of all races and religions using Nazi imagery to outrage the liberal political establishment to show them how much we hate them for their totalitarian thoughtcrime and hate-speech laws and the way they indoctrinate rather than educate British children so they become so useless that no sane British employer wants to hire them and hires foreign labour instead.   

The reason why the liberal establishment won't fix British education is because it is basically irreparable under the current political system, and everyone is too busy burying their heads in the sand to acknowledge this.  That is why successive governments, instead of fixing British education and training, always opt for the quick fix solution of importing foreign labour to appease their supporters who are British businesses who need labour now, not later.

How long have British employers been asking for better teaching of the 3 Rs?

Why won't they fix it though?

Probably because most MPs have already bagged the best schools for their children and don't care about the rest of us.

And because they are afraid of the corrupt, feminist and female-dominated teaching profession going on strike.  If  any government tried to fix it, it would take too long to do so and they would be out of office long before they can enjoy the fruits of success and take credit for it.  That is why no government has ever tackled education, not even Thatcher, and swept the vexed question of education under the carpet.  This is precisely the fatal flaw of representative governments who cannot think beyond the next election.  This is how Western governments become corrupt and have destructive dishonest dissembling demented oligarchies.

For this reason, therefore, I support a one-party state in which none who become an MP are obliged to consider what their party whip would do to them and their careers.   They will only be obliged to consider what is in the long-term national interest.   Indeed, Peter Bone MP's House of Commons Disqualification Bill would be passed if it were in my power to do so and no MP would be separated from their principles and conscience (where found) by a party whip bribing or blackmailing them.

If supporting a one-party state for these reasons makes me a Nazi then so be it, but let it not be said that I am a racist kind of Nazi.

Get your Nazi merchandise from my mate Kevin Watmough at

Get your Nazi merchandise from this self-confessed Nazi in a show of multi-racial solidarity against the disgusting liberal feminist matriarchal government that no longer knows its arse from its elbow and is staggering around like a demented old drunk about to be arrested for a public order offence after it has been kicked out of the last chance saloon.

Kev is a bit of a racist, I will be the first to admit, but I am sure he will be happy to sell you his Nazi merchandise, even if you are not quite Aryan.  If you make him rich selling his Nazi merchandise he might like you a bit more and stop talking about forced repatriation.

The enemy of your enemy could be your friend!

These days, all you have to do is express the opinions of a social conservative, eg family values supported by marriage, criticise slut single mums, be against gay marriage and feminism and you will find yourselves automatically branded a Fascist and a Nazi, whether or not you are Italian or German, whatever your race, whether or not you are member of a Eurosceptic party ....

Immigration is now so out of control that even the blacks and Asians are getting rattled, but they have no party to address their concerns.

If the non-white British voter goes to the LibLabCon about their concerns they will be sneered at and told that they are immigrants too, and who are immigrants to complain about other immigrants?

And then these liberals will mockingly dare these non-white immigrant voters to join the BNP who will of course send them on the first banana boat home ...

That is how the liberal political establishment divide and rule the anti-immigration British citizen of all races.

So, let us all social conservatives of all races just accept that we are now all Nazis and Fascists if we disagree with the extremist liberals in any regard, and get our Nazi merchandise from Kevin Watmough to show our support for free speech, freedom of belief, even if we have to endure the heavy-handed intimidation and victimisation of the biased feminised censorious effeminate liberal media.

The Roman Salute was a sign of peace, to show you bear no arms in your right hand, I like to think!

What the liberal media are now doing is trying to suggest is that any Toddy who votes for David Jones is by definition a Nazi and if David Jones becomes councillor then Todmorden becomes NaziTod, and they wouldn't want that, would they? (said in a very menacing tone of voice)

I have already suggested to David that he should start schmoozing  his 400 Muslims in Tod and offering them special wholesale discounts on Nazi merchandising to sell in their corner shops.   A mosque visit would be just the thing to make friends, influence people and pick up his free copy of the Koran, which I like to imagine will be presented to him by the imam with great ceremony .....

The little mosque of Todmorden

Muslims should note that David Jones is very much against the liberal wars and has recently criticised the EDL and the Infidels for only demonstrating against Muslims who demonstrate against the war.

If the Muslims vote for him in sufficient numbers to make him councillor might he not help them with finding a bigger mosque?

I therefore hope that right-thinking members of Todmorden society of all races who like David's policies will vote for him.   Indeed, I urge them to do so.

I am actually thinking of popping up to Tod to help him with his campaign.  At the moment I am trying to interest Nick Broomfield and Louis Theroux to accompany me on my Northern Visit and film me meeting the Nazis and  Fascists of all races of the North.

We are all Nazis and Fascists now, if we disagree with any aspect of liberal extremism.

Things are now so bad in Paedo Bastard Britain Slutland that that even the so-called Nazis and Fascists of Britain are more libertarian and less censorious than the so-called liberal establishment who want to read all our texts, emails and listen in to all our conversations before throwing us in jail for 56 days for tweeting blasphemously against their Black God Muamba!
Dave Jones' election leaflet.  Worth a read to show how "Nazi" he is.  You might even end up wishing that your councillor had his views and spirit!

If he is elected I am sure he will do his very very best, because he has more to prove than any other councillor.  Of this you can be sure.

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Yet another blog post that made me laugh. At least, unlike some people, you Claire have a good sense of humour!