Monday, 30 April 2012

Rallying Ken's supporters

I can't be bothered to write up yesterday's Ken Rally so I will just copy out my SMS commentary below.

Ken at his rally on 29 April 2012

"What does BME mean?  Diane Abbot speaking now at Ken Rally.  Owen Jones just spoke."

"4th black person has just spoken.  I got here at 6.45.  Poet, social worker, Diane Abbot, female rapper.  They seem very exercised about Educational Maintenance Grant.  White people now called 'racial minority", it seems!  Missed Tess Jowell and Sadiq Khan's speeches."

"Ken speaking now.  Slip of the tongue when he talked about the unifying antisemitic rallies Boris banned, then corrected himself and said 'anti-antisemitism rallies'."  

I rather think Nuremberg-style rallies would be rather cheering.  They need not be antisemitic either. Read the list and you will see how innocuous it all sounded.   

It can be seen that they were not specifically or even predominantly antisemitic, and seemed for the purpose of making the Germans feel better about themselves.

Adolf Hitler speaking at the 1933 Nuremberg Rally.  
1933 – The 5th Party Congress was called the "Rally of Victory" (Reichsparteitag des Sieges). The term "victory" relates to the Nazi seizure of power and the victory over the Weimar Republic. The Leni Riefenstahl film Der Sieg des Glaubens was made at this rally.

The Totenehrung (honouring of dead) at the 1934 Nuremberg Rally. SSleader Heinrich Himmler, Adolf Hitler andSA leader Viktor Lutze (from L to R) on the stone terrace in front of theEhrenhalle (Hall of Honour) in theLuitpoldarena. In the background is the crescent-shaped Ehrentribüne (literally: tribune of honour).  

1934 – The 6th Party Congress initially did not have a theme. Later it was labeled the "Rally of Unity and Strength" (Reichsparteitag der Einheit und Stärke), "Rally of Power" (Reichsparteitag der Macht), or "Rally of Will" (Reichsparteitag des Willens). The Leni Riefenstahl film Triumph des Willens was made at this rally.

Frankly, I think doing this sort of thing would be immensely cheering to the British people.  Sadly, we would probably have to get the Chinese or the North Koreans to help us organise such rallies, or we would all end up slouching around being a disgrace to ourselves.

"Apparently, the Boris buses cost £8M each.   The most expensive cable car being built at Excel Centre.  Ken promises to call revolving restaurant building Johnson Towers."

"Ken says Boris avoiding debate like the devil.  Boris could have been on SUNDAY POLITICS today but he claimed to have a family engagement, but turned out he was campaigning in Kingston.  Ken derides 'neo-liberal nonsense'."

"Ken acknowledged Boris funnier but that ain't a requirement for running London.   Boris has no initiative and had no initiatives.  He doesn't really want to run London, he wants to be the next PM.  Standing ovation, not enough seats."

I will say that the most interesting idea he mentioned was the one about pension funds being linked to property.  I don't think I really understood it all to explain it to you, but it is mentioned at and it does sound truly innovative.  And that is certainly shows that Ken does have initiative.

Go, go, go Ken, and give Boris a haircut on May 3!   

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