Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Sustained effort by Reds and liberal media to discredit David Jones of the BPP

I have lived long enough in the West to know that antisemitism is endemic in Christian Europe.  

What every race does is fear and hate - consciously or not - the race they feel is superior to them and despise the races they regard as inferior to them.

Racism is the lazy wish of Man to read a book by its cover that is present in every race.

It is laughable how these racists fret about the treachery of other races when the enemy is always within - within their defects of character, their vices or those of their nearest and dearest, especially their leaders and their political system which is no longer fit for purpose.  

We all know that if we get murdered, it is usually by someone we know, who stands to benefit.  That would be our spouses and our children, incidentally, not a member of another race.  

We should remember always that our enemies stab us in the front while our associates, friends and family stab us in the back, and take a more grown-up attitude towards risk, especially if we want to participate in politics - a dirty business indeed.  

Perhaps politicians should have the rite of passage of being dipped in shit just to remind them that they are all the sewage treatment workers of ideas.  The trouble with politicians now is that they are mostly in the control of women and their feminine vices, who do not like the idea of handling shit and are such snobs that they don't want anyone they associate with to be handling shit.  

But just imagine if our local sewage treatment works failed.  What would the women and feminists do except whine and whinge?  Are they in any way capable of making courageous and unpopular decisions?  

Talking about shit, the shit is about to hit the fan big time about David Jones' flag and gun photo

David Jones of the British People's Party - he is  posing with an Ensign Model - Saxby & Palmer hunting airgun, and not a "sniper rifle" as the Star on Sunday  so sensationally claimed.  

which is coming back to haunt him now that the stars are in conjunction:

  • he hopes to become borough councillor of Todmorden on 3 May
  • Holocaust Memorial Day starts tomorrow at sunset
  • the Anders Breivik trial is this week's hot topic 

If David can survive and thrive by crafting a statement that deals honourably and honestly with all the issues that have arisen then he will have a future in politics.  If not, not.  

We will see if he has the requisite amount of tact, courage and discretion to survive that photo being published in every single newspaper of the land.  

The only advice I have given him in this regard to this press statement is that he should imagine a hysterical and frightened Jewess before him who has just seen that photograph of him brandishing his gun with that flag flapping proudly and loudly  in the background.  

How is he going to reassure sufficiently a  hypothetical hysterical Jewess who thinks he is on his way to her to blow her and her family away with his gun, without compromising his principles?

Can he bring himself to address the Jewish community directly on the question of why he posed for that photograph and be able to mollify them sufficiently?  

If he can do so then perhaps his voters in Tod will not have to fear voting for him as councillor.  Otherwise the media would very easily intimidate the more faint-hearted residents into not voting for him (and thereby turning their town into "NaziTod").

With skill and tact, he could turn this sustained campaign by the Reds and the media against him around, but only by speaking directly to the people whom he has most offended.   Can he bring himself to do that?

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