Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Thinking aloud about setting up a Nationalist Unity Party

  1. Would Peter Rushton consider joining David Jones and Claire Khaw in a Nationalist Unity Party intended to unite Civic and Ethno-Nationalists?
  2. If so, he should bear in mind that David are both are libertarian and anti-statist and our over-riding aims would be to lower taxes and repeal laws, and certainly the totalitarian Equality Act 2010.,_2010  
  3. David and I are also anti-feminist and pro-family values and therefore in favour of the restoration of parental and male authority the lack of which has resulted in the sorry state the West now finds itself.
  4. This Party is meant to be a Counter-Revolutionary Party to the Sex Revolution, which was what let in Feminism.  Feminism unapologetically promotes female promiscuity, and consequently degeneracy, widespread illegitimacy, which corrupts the characters of men by making them think and behave like women in a Culture of Excuses and Entitlement, and has provably accelerated the decline and fall of the West.   
  5. Such a party would be run on the basis of a triumvirate.   Nationalism after all needs to be give the impression that it is a broad church.
  6. The idea is to have a workable combination of male and female, the young and the mature, town and country, white and non-white, that is pro-enterprise but that also cares about the condition of the poor and the establishment of a strong and flourishing meritocracy that is racially neutral.  
It is my considered view that Western malaise can be attributed to feminism and its toxic effects of destroying  the family through no-fault divorce and consequently male and parental authority.  All any foreign settlers in the West have to do in the West is to continue practising family values themselves while the West destroys itself and fritters away its inheritance on wine, women, gambling and song.   In short, it is her considered view that it is feminism rather than the presence of Jews and Muslims that is responsible for the West's moral, economic and intellectual decline.  

As G K Chesterton said, "When we cease to believe in God we will start believing in anything."   Liberalism, Feminism and the Glorification of Female Promiscuity are now the deities the White Man worships.   It is no surprise therefore that he is now sunk so low that they need a female and a foreigner to be the one to point out these brutal home truths that they are now too much in denial to acknowledge.

Denial is a particularly feminine trait, is it not?      

I really think that with me in the mix, such a nationalist unity party would get the publicity it needs to thrive and flourish.   I do not mean to be egotistical, but a female and a foreigner in a white nationalist party would have a certain novelty value that would make the liberal media ask questions, in spite of the NUJ commandment to NEVER report favourably on nationalists.

There is no one in the country better placed than I to promote the nationalist cause,  Now, all I need is your support and your co-operation without which nothing much can happen.  Even if you HATE the idea, I urge you to discuss it with as many nationalists as you can.   

Peter Rushton now appears on RT. 

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