Monday, 23 April 2012


(By David Jones, ex-BPP Commissioner/ Independent Nationalist.)

My expulsion from the British People's Party is now generally known and has been made available on the BPP website. They have "wished me well", though I have trouble taking this statement seriously, since nobody in that party has defended my character against the vicious attacks by members of the Stormfront forum, many of who who appear to have the collective IQ of a bowl of turnips. Regardless of this I have a few things to say...

I knew the rift was coming, and so did they. I have served that party loyally since its foundation in 2005 and have been involved in its two predecessor movements, the White Nationalist Party and the Nationalist Alliance (both defunct) since crossing over from the National Front in 2003. Since Eddy Morrison abandoned the party to Kevin Katmough, and the Martyn Guilliard 'peadophile' scandal I was its only real prospect and shouldered that responsibility impeccably. 2012 will be the third Borough election I signed up to fight, and also a Town Council election last year. During that time I my vote has never dropped below 5% I think my record speaks for itself.

The rift began in this year when I began attending meetings hosted by the England First Party, Andrew Brons-aligned Independents, London Forum meetings and the Pennine-based Democratic Nationalists. This was to represent my party at a time when efforts to unite this movement were an absolute imperative. My attendance at meetings where fellow members of the BPP weren't invited clearly left a bad taste.

Given this pressure I almost resigned from the BPP, there and then, as a result of the attacks made upon my efforts to support the 'unity' efforts of DN Party leader Dr Jim Lewthwaite. Only the requests of the BPP Leader persuaded me to stay on. These attacks were made by the National Front and supported by my fellow members of the BPP Leadership. The NF has an 'bad attitude' towards other nationalist parties, an attitude of it being the 'premier' or 'mother' party, that is not particularly the fault of its leadership its an arrogance that goes with being the oldest surviving nationalist party. I used to be a member and back then, as now, it feels that it, and only it, has the right to take power in nationalism's name.

These are the people who shout and rave at "the Pakis" (ok they don't like them -few people do and with good reason) but appear to have very little to say on real bread and butter nationalist issues. My criticism of their use of their own versions of "back patches" (imitating the legitimate 1% Outlaw MC's, bearing IoB 'rockers' and all) appeared to upset the BPP which was working with them. As did my criticism of some of their pro-sodomy colleagues in the North East. In the end became political as an anti-war activist, before moving over to the right, but I am still anti-war to this day. I fear some of the Infidels are not.

Whilst I admire National Socialism, and remain a racist in the sense that I believe 'every race is entitled to its place under the sun', and while I am not ashamed to be associated with the Swastika that represented that great revolution of white people against degenerate, rotten liberalism, I am not Socialist. I do not believe in equality and support statism of any description. This has marked me out as a 'reactionary' by the BPP because I believe in not only Social Darwinism but also Economic Darwinism. I see in this movement a potential for a great rebellion against any group of crooks that want to call themselves government, including those who call themselves patriots. The BPP on the other hand is firmly entrenched in Socialism and won't abandon it.

I have always seen our cause ans fundamentally based upon love of our own race, and to want to see its freedom and betterment, never about hating other races. In particular other races who feel the same way as us about preserving ones racial identity. To that end I invited Claire Khaw up to my hometown of Todmorden where I am campaigning for a seat on Calderdale Council. Others in and connected to the BPP also have a friendship with Claire but I went too far, I publicised it because I do not hide or disguise my associations just to look like a "hard-Nazi". I don't need to war a mask, what you see with me is what you get. Well this was the perfect excuse for them to kick me out (after they'd been leafleting with us and not saying a word on the day they met us - sheer hypocrisy!

Anyway thats my side of the story. With me out of the way (for now) I just wish the BPP's well, actually there's nothing stopping them from merging with the NF and I encourage them to do so. As for who should become my replacement BPP Commissioner that remains to be seen. I have one young man in mind (who even took the trouble to translate the BPP's policies into Welsh, a young man who takes a keen interest in BPP affairs and if he would join that party I would fully support his replacement. Of course Kevin Watmough would have to resign as BPP Leader since he has associated with Claire Khaw too, making this young lad the actual leader.

Otherwise, I wish Kevin Watmoughs new "Leeds & Bradford Branch" of the National Front all the best.


Anonymous said...

BPP have alienated a useful man because a few morons on Stormfront have not transcended the goose-stepping, head-banging to loud racist music phase of their enlightenment. What a waste of time.
David Jones should start something new.
Claire should fund it if she really wants to help... ;)


Claire Khaw said...

Even if I had unlimited resources, I would refuse to fund it until and unless I can get a prominent and respected nationalist to join us. I have in mind Peter Rushton who would give nationalism the intellectual respectability it so badly needs.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you ask him? Will you be attending the Tyndall do in October - as I understand it, Rushton will.


Claire Khaw said...

I asked to attend last year and they said no non-whites allowed.

Anonymous said...

LOL perhaps they could just cut you out of their photographs? ;)

PS. Question for you on the mighty SF.


Claire Khaw said...

"A question for Claire Khaw:

I assume, after a brief perusal of your writing, that you are concerned about the White race. I would like to ask, as you are obviously not a part of our little tribe, why that is? As I usually find myself stating in this forum I am not being facetious, I am just curious - especially considering that I personally, and being a White "racialist", have no compunction whatsoever in relation to the fate of other races.

N.G. [Nick Grifford]"

is presumably the one you are referring to.

I tried to post a response but the following message popped up:

"you do not have permission to access this page. This could be due to one of several reasons:

Your user account may not have sufficient privileges to access this page. Are you trying to edit someone else's post, access administrative features or some other privileged system?

If you are trying to post, the administrator may have disabled your account, or it may be awaiting activation."

It is a good question and has a simple answer.

What is good for the white race is good for me. If the white race is happy and glorious and things are well in the land of white people, then I am the beneficiary of this state of affairs.

But if the white race is degenerate, decaying, demented and dying, then that is not good for me, living in the land of white people.

Why do I not just go home?

Because, to be honest, my family think I am too much of a trouble-maker and my ways have become foreign and alien to them. I can no longer fit back in or be particularly welcome in the world of work, so here I shall have to remain, having thrown in my lot in the land of white people.

Also, most the things that are happening here is also happening back where I come from, and if I succeed in stemming the tide of degeneracy, dementia and decadence here, so too shall I stem it in other parts of the world also suffering from the same symptoms.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your reply.


Claire Khaw said...

Thank you for taking enough of an interest to ask.

To be asked a good question is as satisfying as being given a good answer!

Anonymous said...

I never suggested that it was a good answer.


Claire Khaw said...

It is an HONEST answer.

A good answer would be a good solution to a problem question, I would have thought.

Anonymous said...

I thought all of this was just thought up by the BBC... didn't realise that people really were that antequated in the way they think! The decay and bad in this country is driven by people with intelligence that don't know what to do with it... they talk a lot and procrastinate. If you put more time into doing things that really matter/made a difference/added value to the world then you might end up doing something good. Instead you sound more like Al Quaeda!!

Claire Khaw said...

What are you saying should be done?