Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Why the more cowardly nationalists are distancing themselves from me

As I have mentioned at, Nick Griffin has blocked me from following him on Twitter.

Jez Turner who organises the London Forum meetings told me on 24 March, the day of the last London Forum meeting that I was "suspended from attending the meeting pending investigations".   

He later made out that I was an informant for Hope Not Hate, but even my worst enemy, who threatened in the past to maim then kill me  - Cheryl Dunn - does not believe that of me.  (Thank you, Chez!   x x x  I hope that's all water under the bridge now that we have both been expelled from the BNP.)

I thought and thought and thunked and thunked wondering what the reason could have been.  It really could not have been racial reasons because, they must have known what race I was before I attended the the previous and only London Forum Meeting I ever attended before being banned. 

Since I also received an invitation to attend the subsequent one and was even invited to speak at another one which was to have taken place on 15 May for the British Nationalist Friends of Palestine on the subject of A Theocracy in Israel for Peace in the Middle East I think I am not being illogical if I reason that it was nothing to do with race, as Hope Not Hate were suggesting it must have been.   

I think it is because of my Battlefield of Love blog Apparently, it is so heretical and blasphemous to liberal sensibilities that even the so-called British Far Right (who are already regarded as the enemies of liberalism) have distanced itself from me!

But I always knew that the FEMINISM was the real sacred cow of the sexually liberated (or should we say "addicted"?) white male.  They are so addicted to cheap sex and now worship Slut Single Mums so fanatically and unquestioningly that they will suffer to be castrated in her defence, at the expense of the long-term national interest. explains how and why.

If you don't believe me, then go ask them.  

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