Thursday, 31 May 2012

Dave Jones sets the record straight with Hope Not Hate

"I find Hope Not Hates claim about me and Claire Khaw 'falling out' ridiculous. They take inferences and present them as facts, loaded with personal jibes against the target with no reference to the facts.

I have been refer ed to as a village idiot, a bore, a pub trawler and now they speculate as to my friendships.

I did not attend the meeting in Newcastle upon Tyne because, working in agriculture, work had to come first. Being degenerate student types who never worked a day in their lives I don't expect Hope Not Hates support base to grasp that concept.

I do not regret allowing Claire Khaw to campaign with me for one second. She and I find ourselves in agreement on the issue of feminism and family. Contrary to what Hope Not Hate say, our friendship and political co-operation is strong and I will be working with her in upcoming local elections and by elections to make certain the anti-feminist message is heard loud and clear."

Nationalist Unity Personified

Hope Not Hate claim me as an employee to discredit me

Now if I really were an informant of theirs they would not wish to expose me.

This must mean they wish to discredit me.

Why though?

Because I am becoming too powerful?  But I flatter myself!

The Newcastle Meeting was a lunchtime meeting.  By the time we finished it would be about tea time.   Jeffrey Marshall and I in fact had dinner at the Thai Restaurant in Grainger Town, and very good it was too.
Thai Restaurant in Newcastle Chinatown
Thai Restaurant in Newcastle Chinatown

"They were all there too; Holocaust deniers, perverts, race haters and violent thugs."

They were perfectly pleasant to me and to each other.  Even that Kevin Scott who was being so snippy to me on Facebook was civility and friendliness in person.   I think everyone had a good time.  If these were indeed all Holocaust Deniers, perverts, race haters and violent thugs, they were perfectly charming ones.

The photos I had taken next to Andrew Brons was suggested to me and taken by Karen Allen herself.  I will not have anything said against that lovely lady and her husband Edward.

But I know Hate Not Hate prefer fiction to fact.

David Jones could himself could have attended but he did not due to work commitments.  He was at all times aware of my intention to attend the meeting, and we remain staunch political allies.

I would have thought that Hope Not Hate would be pleased with me that I am trying to make the ethno-nationalists see the light of civic nationalism as the only viable way forward, but not a bit of it.   They carp and criticise, tell lies and make things up when the truth could be had by a simple question directed at me.

As for why I was feeling like "an Old Testament prophet", I was referring to the seeming impossibility of interesting British nationalists in the idea of family values, which must necessarily mean challenging feminism.   Kevin Scott was asking me what was my agenda and why I saw nationalism as a platform for my views.  I was  going to answer him but we were interrupted.  I have actually told him before, but he can't seem to get his head round the fact that I am genuinely serious about challenging feminism, which these days can only be done by a woman, because the disease is now so advanced it could be terminal.

"Out of the corruption of women proceeds the corruption of races; out of the corruption of races, the loss of memory; out of the loss of memory, the loss of understanding, and out of this all evil.  The Bhagavad Gita

A Messianic Talent Show - BRITAIN'S GOT MESSIAH?

There is no way the Jews would ever agree on a messiah even if he did come.

Knowing them, they would end up getting the Americans to crucify him, and repeat their tragic history all over again, but this time as farce.

The Muslims, by saying their one and only one had come and gone, were being far far more sensible.

So far I have been treated to all sorts of nonsense by Rabbi Zvi Solomons of Reading about babies who are descendants of King David being born pre-anointed like they are pre-basted turkeys.

There not even remains that are provably David's from which the Jews can extract its DNA.

Because of the sheer impossibility of proving the DNA of David and of proving that one's ancestry is from his lineage, I am suggesting therefore that ANYBODY can claim to be Messiah, if enough people accept him or, indeed HER to include someone such as me.

I am therefore suggesting that the Jews of Britain do a messianic version of BRITAIN'S GOT TALENT.

This will be franchised internationally.

The most interesting one would be ISRAEL'S GOT MESSIAH, I imagine.

I suggest the panel of judges should consist of the Lord Chief Rabbi, the Archbishop of Canterbury and an Islamic cleric acceptable to the all the British people. Tim Winter? David Rosser-Owen?

I shall just be there hosting the show jollying things along, when they are too boring, incoherent or obscure and have run out of things to say.

Once every country has chosen its own local Messiah of the Jews, the candidates will have a world version in which the messianic candidates choose the messiah to save the world.

I then propose putting them in the Big Brother House to help them make their minds up about each other.

Instead of voting each other off, they will be asked to vote for a messiah amongst themselves to save the world. They cannot vote for themselves, obviously.

While they are choosing one of themselves to be Messiah there will be a parallel vote by the world which will vote via SMS the one they want to be messiah. If everything is right the chosen candidate will be the same one the candidates themselves choose.

I have offered the Jews of Britain an idea that can be potentially as big as BRITAIN'S GOT TALENT. I trust they will now go forth and spread the Word through the media that they are known to control.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

21 weeks in prison for a racist rant. Nick Griffin doesn't even comment.
No comment by the Chairman of the BNP
No comment on the BNP website.  

What a lot could have been done by a properly organised party, but the whites have become black as David Starkey says.  They can't even organise a piss-up in a brewery now.  

What I would have done if I had been leader:

1.  Given her access to the best legal representation possible.
2.  Told her to opt for Crown Court trial to string it out for as long as possible.

Is the BNP fit for purpose?

It is only fit to be led by Nick Griffin.   

Monday, 28 May 2012

North East Patriots Meeting in Newcastle - 27 May 2012

Me and Andrew Brons

Edward and his wife Karen Allen,  and John McCaffrey

Karen Allen's husband, Karen Allen herself who was PPC for Houghton & Sunderland South in 2010.  It was she who provided the raffle prizes, Ken Booth tells me.  On the right is John McCaffrey, formerly BNP, now an  English Democrat

Jeffrey Marshall listening

Richard Edmonds

Kevin Scott, Andrew Brons, Jim Lewthwaite

Ken Booth, who allowed his BNP membership to lapse, enjoying the show

Peter Rushton about the election results

Andrew Brons giving a very good speech

Andrew Brons describing the Griffin Monster

Andrew Brons eloquent in his description of the Griffin Monster

Andrew Brons telling us of the Griffin Monster

Jeffrey Marshall saying he will reluctantly step into the breach if no one else will do it

I was charmed by Newcastle, its elegance and architecture.

Ken Booth made a few references to my Facebook controversies and looked meaningfully in my direction when he spoke about the unhelpful photos I had of myself taken with a certain Northern Nationalist to whom he did not refer by name.  Attendance was about 50.

Peter Rushton, the first to speak, referred to UKIP as "fake nationalists" during his talk which analysed the election results.

As it happened, there was a UKIP man there who told us that he too was "passionate" about his country. "Keep these meetings going, he said, "let's keep patriotism going."  All nationalists should vote for UKIP because it is the biggest Eurosceptic party around, he said.  While they have a long list of nationalist parties whose ex-members are banned from joining their party, people should continue voting UKIP anyway.  UKIP are however adamant that the ban should stay despite his and others' protestations.


This was the most interesting speech of all.  "There are challenges for us as a nation," he began.  "In the long-term it is a global challenge.  The West is becoming more and more impoverished.  We are in a shambles.  We may not even be able to survive as a nation to deal with the problems."

He referred to Hope Not Hate as "the Hate People".

They did not destroy the BNP, he said.  "We did it on our own."  He likened nationalists to people playing on in ouija board.  Consciously or unconsciously, the message nationalists are being given is that they are heading for DESTRUCTION.

Nick Griffin "craves personal power, uses lies and trickery and is indecisive"  He surrounds himself with Yes Men and people outside the party eg Jim Dowson, Patrick Harrington and allows them to take decisions.

According to Fred Coolidge, deranged dictators from all over the world suffer from the same three things:

  1. Narcissism
  2. Paranoia
  3. Sadism

In fact, Griffin behaves like "a gangster".   David Soane(?) the printer for the BNP in Ireland was told by Nick Griffin and his daughter Jennifer to fabricate receipts against Richard Barnbrook to stitch him up in order to win back the GLA seat.   Nick Griffin even claimed Andrew Brons owed him money which claims Andrew Brons denounced and repudiated.   Now Nick Griffin in trouble as result of that with OLAF [sounded like] which is some EU organisation that investigates fraudulent expenses claims.  [I do hope I have got this right.]  

Nick Griffin is further compared to Gaddafi, Assad and the character played by Sacha Baron Cohen in THE DICTATOR.   Wolfie Smith [whoever he is] was mentioned. 

Apparently, the only reason why Nick Griffin has not sacked Andrew Brons is because Nick Griffin thinks Andrew Brons wants to be sacked.  

Nick Griffin has driven out every person of talent.  The English Democrats and Andrew Moffat were mentioned.   Only deviants, simpletons, and non-party members are retained these days.   

The "disproportion response" taken by Nick Griffin against Eddy Butler, now in the English Democrats, was mentioned.   Andrew Brons admitted that he himself did not think the General Election results were that unsatisfactory [though Eddy clearly did, probably bearing in mind that UKIP failed to get an MP either.

The 840 signatures Eddy Butler was required to obtain before he was eligible to challenge the leadership was an impossibility.  It was even more of an impossibility because he was not even allowed to use the membership list.

"Look at the way Nick Griffin runs the party.  This is the way he will run the country." .  

"Nationalists are like Eeyore - they seem to want to go to a lonely place where we know we won't be followed.  English Democrats went to where the rest of us wouldn't follow."

If he thought it would make a difference, he would join the NF so he could die there, but he didn't think it would make a difference, so he will remain in the BNP.

He did not really think Nick Griffin is a state plant as many do.

He then made a rather puzzling reference to Obama, a bridge in Maine and unemployed construction workers and ended by telling nationalists to think and act rationally.

JIM LETHWAITE asked if BNP is toxic and whether nationalism can start in one region and spread nation-wide.   He remarked on the "collective passivity over Nick Griffin's behaviour" and proposed "a confederation of relatively autonomous branches" in Yorkshire, Lancashire, the North East and the Midlands.

London, obviously, is a lost cause.  In fact, he is not the first Northern Nationalist to say this.

Bloody hell, I thought, these so-called nationalists have more or less implicitly surrendered their capital city without giving any thought of trying to win it back.  I was reminded of China's frequent changing of its capital cities, according to how successful their invaders were.

QUENTIN HAWKINS (I think) said nationalism can win through the ballot box.  [I heartily agreed, but only if they implement the changes I recommend.]  It is always the party that says they are the only party who can do this who fail, he said.

There was a break and then I was allowed to speak on the subject of unity.

I tried to say that civic nationalism is the only way forward, because even the non-whites (non-white British citizens have been born here for generations now so they too are indigenous, technically) are complaining about immigration.  It is pointless to talk about repatriation either compulsory or voluntary because they are light years from getting into power.  It is unrealistic and pointless to insist on talking about this  as a badge of ethno-nationalism.   [Did I really say this, or did I only mean to?  I later asked Jeffrey and he said I just went on about the usual things I have been going on about for years, and he was a bit vague too.]  I tried to say, but do not know if I in fact said it, that if you cannot get rid of them the least you can do is to make them behave and even vote for you.  I mentioned too how popular BNP policies were  though of course their image needs a make-over to make the most of that instinctive peasant good sense that most people the world over really have, if they have not been brainwashed and indoctrinated.

After me,  JEFFREY MARSHALL spoke.  He did not think concentrating on the regions while ignoring the development of the national  party as a whole was particularly constructive.  The BNP brand was at  least recognisable and the little parties just did not register in the consciousness of the voter.

A blond rather handsome middle aged woman, Jan Purvis, who was a hard-line supporter of the 14  Words disagreed vehemently while he was making his speech.   She entirely rejected civic nationalism.   I think she even said that nationalist unity was now in fact impossible.  The best they can do now is stay together, stick to their ethno-nationalist principles, and reject the BNP.  It seemed to me a toxic mixture of complacency and despair.

[At least the BNP calls itself the British NATIONAL Party and embodies those expectations.  What will this woman call her non-party?  The British Regionalist Party?  The British Separatist Party?  Why, if civic nationalism is really so useless,  is UKIP always getting more votes than the BNP?  Why is 17%  of the vote that Marine Le Pen of La Front Nationale obtained something to be dismissed, sneered at and scorned when the British version of it is precisely nowhere because of these dinosaur attitudes that makes them refuse to grasp the ethno-nationalist bull by its horns and wrestle it to the ground?

Taking the bull by the horns - what British Nationalism ought to be 

What British Nationalism is at the moment
Hmmm.  It seems plans are afoot ...

Saturday, 26 May 2012



Claire is admittedly a controversial figure, my first impressions of her were very mixed. Therefore it comes as no surprise to me that the British People's Party, of which I was a founder member would kick me out for associating with her. (even though it was them that introduced me to her)

From one point of view our political co-operation ought not to happen, considering that she is;

1. Oriental
2. Southern
3. Middle class
4. Civic Nationalist
5. Urban
6. Has a background in Law.
7. Pro-religion and has a liking for the Qu'ran.
8. Interested deeply in theory and ideology.

Compare that to me...

1. Norse/ Celtic.
2. Lancastrian.
3. Working Class.
4. Race-conscious.
5. Rural Pennine born and bred, farming stock.
6. Holds the law in contempt as an Anarchist would.
7. Have never read the Qu'ran (though I intend to) and consider Abrahamic faiths to be despotic and imperialistic.
8. A community based agitator impatient of debate.

You would think that combination of backgrounds and attitudes would be a recipe for disaster wouldn't you? Well after reading her blog and talking with her at length and I find her rhetoric harsh I see that we have fundamental points of agreement that take precedence over that.
These are;

1. Neither of us are afraid to be seen using imagery such as swastikas etc.

2. We recognise that the existing parties and leaders are too stuck in their ways to take criticism, and conclude that they want not success but are merely engaged in ideological self indulgence.

3. Are both political outcasts who spoke our minds, did our own thing and paid the price - both of us are deemed to have brought our creeds "into disrepute" by our peers.

4. We are both hard-core libertarians who propose to dismantle the all-enveloping state. Our policies would aim at abolishing laws, not making more, ie...

i. The Law abolishing Capital Punishment

ii. The Human Rights Act

iii. The Race Relations, Religious Hatred, Terrorism and Public Order Acts

iv. The Firearms Act, including the Handgun Ban.

vi. The Hunting with Dogs Act.

vii. Legislation allowing for 'gay marriage'.

That brings up what will happen this November.

In my home-town, for the Todmorden Town Council, a seat in the "Town Centre" ward will become vacant as a result of a Labour Councillor announcing that he is stepping down due to ill health.
This ward is home to most of Todmordens 460+ strong Pakistani Community, who make up about 17% of the electorate there. This is one of five parish wards that make up the Borough of Calderdales 'Todmorden Ward'. It is the ward where the our first Muslim Town Mayor Cllr Abid Hussein has a seat, and my political opponent from the Liberal Democrats is likely to be a Mr Joe Rez, Abids "Mayoress" (and son of a Hungarian SS Veteran).

My opponent from the Labour Party is likely to be the locally detested off-commer Steph Booth, wife of Marxist actor Tony Booth of Alf Garnett fame. My Conservative opponent, if there is one at all, will most likely be the mostly absent former Liberal Democrat Town Councillor Julie Stansfield.

This ward has nonetheless delivered my three Calderdale Council election campaigns the second highest number of votes (the highest coming from the my own neighbouring ward that consists of the farming belt where I was raised and also includes one of the most socially isolated and roughest council estates in the Calder Valley - known locally as "the Avenues").

However I have found the local Muslims, though hard work, easy enough to get on with. I intend to extend to their community leaders to help me run the drug dealers out of town.

Though I am taking a risk, I am making the radical decision to extend to Ms. Claire Khaw an offer: Place your message before my voters. That is my friends, family, associates, political sympathisers and personal supporters. The people that matter to me, and the people I stake my political reputation upon. I can't just log in and out, I see these people every day, they are the reason I am still fighting, they are the people who gave me 8.5% of the vote.

I consider your issues worth a hearing in a real ward, in fact the most important strategic ward of my are and am prepared to work with you on putting across:

1. A libertarian message.
2. An anti-feminist message.
3. A small government message.
4. A message that these issues are so important that we need to work together on them despite obvious, and even valid, nationalist objections.

In other words Claire, this is your chance! A real electorate, a real say, a real hearing for your ideas. They will either reject them in them in ridicule or give them the endorsement and votes you need to generate the interest from nationalists and prove their worth and propel them into the real world of nationalist activism.

I ask you in this most public way. Yes, or No?

David Jones;
Todmorden, East Lancashire.

Still annoyed about Orwell Prize Award

The one thing that I failed to articulate about my disappointment about the anonymous blogger called, very drearily, "Rangers Tax Case"~ at is that the imbecilic judges of the Orwell Prize do not get it that investigative journalism is not political writing, and Rangers Tax Case certainly did not succeed in turning political writing into an art.

I really could not bring myself to care about Scottish football, even after several attempts to read his deadly prose.

Not only is The Orwell Prize corrupt - in the sense that they excluded me solely on the grounds that my views are not by any description Left Liberal (which is what you have to be to be part of the political establishment that runs the Orwell Prize), they do not seem to understand at any level that investigative journalism is not political writing.

Political writing is persuasion, propaganda and the vivid illustration of the points you are trying to make, to the extent that the people who say they are not interested in politics sit up and take notice in spite of themselves.

Furthermore, you make the people whose views are diametrically opposed to yours aware of you and flee from you without daring to engage.  

Suzanne Moore runs an online campaign to get her friends to block me on Twitter.

Even the infamously aggressive Lisa Ansell blocked me on Twitter without even once engaging.

Sadly, the standards of behaviour, education and morality of the political establishment is now so hopelessly retarded after so many decades of matriarchal rule that even the people who ought to understand what I am saying - ie Suzanne Moore and Hopi Sen and all the people who run the Orwell Prize - either do not, or pretend not to.

O tempora!  O mores!

What should by rights be MINE if only this country were being properly run

Frenchwoman ticks off the Greeks

No Frenchman would speak to a Greek man in such patronising terms without expecting a bloody nose and a good kicking.

That is what makes the matriarchy so infuriating.  

Christine Lagarde ticking off the Greeks

How an Ancient Greek might react to being ticked off by a  Frenchwoman comparing Greeks to starving children in Niger

What Britain should do when there is a Greek exit

We should regard as all the current arrangements with other EU nations as  at an end the moment any EU nation exists.

A declaration should be made to that effect now.

Friday, 25 May 2012

An Act of God humbles Guardian journalists

God (if He exists) may not look kindly upon Guardian journalists who deny His existence and scorn His Word

An insurance broker says:

"Unless Will Self had a bespoke warranty free high net worth contract for his buildings it’s unlikely this will be an Insured event. Most household policies are written on a “perils” basis whereby there is a specified list of perils that are Insured against – fire, lightening, explosion, impact, malicious damage etc. The damage at Mr Self’s home has been caused more due to “sudden and unforeseen” circumstances which, even if his Insurance does extend to cover, will most likely have an exclusion for extreme temperature or climatic causes. 


The roof did not fall IN, as was claimed by careless journalists with apparently no eyes to see.  However, the parapet did indeed fall OFF.   Perhaps imbecilic leftist journalists these days mix up "roof" with "parapet", carelessly thinking they are indistinguishable anyway, in the same idiotic way they think the meaning of marriage can be extended to pander to gay people who have no need for that sort of thing anyway.  It is not surprising then that parapets fall off the homes of morally confused leftist journalists, for apparently no reason at all.  Such an event could be likened to God tapping you on your shoulder and waiting for you to give an explanation of yourself, after you have gotten over the shock and surprise.
One thing I did consider however is the fact that his seems to be the only house in a very large residential area filled with very similar houses that has been affected. It does beg the question as to whether the roof was correctly maintained or indeed if in the past he had had a chimney breast or a supporting wall removed???

I hope for his sake his Insurers will be footing the bill as it looks like it’s going to cost a lot to repair."

Will Self, humbled by an uninsured peril that was an Act of God

What is the right answer to this wrong question?

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Does anyone else find the winner of the blogging prize UNREADABLE?

Compare winning blogger to my submission at

I actually cannot believe how unreadable it is.

I really cannot even make myself read it.

Every time I try I fail and just stop reading, disgusted and puzzled, rancorous and disbelieving.

I wonder what political reasons there were for choosing absolutely the dullest blogger they could find.   

Orwell Prize Award 2012

Mrs Christopher Hitchens. 

Mrs Christopher Hitchens whose late husband I once met at the Academy Club when it was in Beak Street.  

The assembled company in the Assembly Room
Mrs Christopher Hitchens and her brother-in-law Peter

Peter Hitchens and a familiar face whose name I cannot remember

Peter Hitchens and is that Peter Kellner?

Suzanne Moore judge of the blogging prize who successfully kept my entry off the longlist because of my BNP connections and because I dared to suggest that Jeffrey Marshall of the BNP should stand in Stoke Newington and North Hackney at the last General Election, where she was also standing.  He would easily have beaten her too.   She only received a derisory 299 votes and if Jeffrey had received just 1 more vote, he could easily claim that the BNP was more popular than a socialist and a feminist.
Xiaobei Liang who, disappointingly for me, does not work for the Xinhua News Agency, but instead for a Chinese lifestyle and glamour magazine.

A very nice lady called Margaret and Lance Sergeant Leon Peek of the Welsh Guards whom I thought was Toby Harnden who won the Book Prize

Peter Hitchens and Michael Cockerell who was complaining that hardly any one had watched his documentary series about the 70s.  You can still catch it on iPlayer.

I thought the man on the right looked a bit like Peter Stringfellow.

Unknown young lady with unknown young man with Peter Hitchens, Michael Cockerell, man who reminded me of Peter Stringfellow and Mrs Christopher Hitchens

Peter Hitchens and Michael Cockerell

Mrs Christopher Hitchens and unknown young lady.  Niece?

Michael Cockerell and woman I thought was Polly Toynbee but is really Rosie Waterhouse. 

The pretty Katriona Lewis in a gorgeous green dress, Administrator of the Orwell Prize.  

Paul Anderson, who co-wrote SAFETY FIRST with my ex-friend Nyta Mann who has disowned me because of my political views.   

Left: Heresy Corner who has blocked me from following his tweets.  Right: young man who was kneeling before Heresy Corner paying his obeisances. 

I met the following:

Brian Cathcart!/briancathcart of Kingston University my alma mater.  He was OK at first about me saying that I am anti-feminist but was initially a little puzzled when I said "nationalist politics".  He was pretty horrified when I said BNP.  As long as you are not a member, he said.  Well, I am no longer a member because I have been expelled.  Anyway, he moved off pretty sharpish after that, though he was initially encouraging telling me to find a publication that might publish my writing.  I said I had been in touch with journalists, editors and publishers who gave me the impression that my writings are really so beyond the pale that they are unpublishable.

James McKeigue of Money Week and an attractive Argentinian lady called Carla was with him.  Money Week is an excellent little magazine, and you can follow James on Twitter at!/JamesMoneyWeek

My submission can be found at

The winning one can be found at  It is so boring I cannot bring myself to read all of them to satisfy myself that it is really as boring as I think it is.  

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

This is so CUTE

Nationalist meeting in Newcastle on Sunday 27 May 2012

I would encourage any nationalist concerned about the future of nationalism to attend this meeting so that questions can be asked of the speakers.

  1. Do any of them see feminism as a nationalist issue?
  2. Is feminism an issue that nationalists should avoid because it is controversial?
  3. Do any all of them see controversy as an opportunity to show the liberals how wrong they are?
  4. Is feminism a sacred cow of the British?
  5. Should nationalists propose that the sacred cow of feminism be slain?
  6. How good has feminism been for nationalists?
  7. How good is feminism for the long national interest?
  8. Is feminism the enemy of family values?
  9. Does feminism condone the right of women to be never married mothers?
  10. Does the tolerance of widespread illegitimacy lower educational and moral standards?
  11. Does the fact that most babies born in Britain are born out of wedlock augur well for the future of the British?
  12. Do any of them see that the tolerance of widespread illegitimacy has led to the degeneracy of the British race?  (By degeneracy I mean your offspring being physically, economically, intellectually, educationally and morally inferior to you.)
  13. Do any of them see feminism as the enemy of male and parental authority through which the traditions of any society are passed?
  14. Have you noticed that women are far more easily offended than men and how often they call for more taxes to be imposed to suppress free speech and more laws to be passed?
  15. Have you noticed how female-dominated and feminist-dominated is the teaching profession?
  16. Have you noticed how cleverly the feminist teaching profession disguises its failure to teach your children to be employable?
  17. Have you noticed how good women are tricked into careers so they forget to have children?
  18. Have you noticed how promiscuous and irresponsible women are not discouraged from having their illegitimate children at the expense of the British taxpayer?
  19. Is the degeneracy of the white working classes the reason why successive governments bring in immigrants to do the jobs they should be doing? 
  20. Do you think the contempt in which Muslims hold the white man is something to do with the perception that white women are mostly slags as well as the worst mothers in the world,  and that the white man is afraid of his women?
  21. Is true that nationalist men do not trust themselves to challenge feminism?
  22. If it is true that nationalist men are afraid of their women, should they not let someone else do it?   
  23. Do the speakers agree that the person best able to challenge feminism is Claire Khaw?
  24. If Claire Khaw is indeed the person best able to speak against feminism on behalf of nationalists and the nation, should nationalists not consider becoming civic nationalists so she can join and represent the party's views on feminism?

If you feel strongly enough about these issues and think that these issues need to be tackled forcefully and intelligently, just print this out and hand it to the speakers at the meeting, after asking one or some of these questions from the floor.  

Otherwise, you know what they will do.  Put you to the expense and trouble of attending the meeting just to to boost their egos while doing NOTHING at all for you, except telling you to wait and see.  

The old dinosaurs of nationalism will not change their tired ideas until and unless they are made to.  Don't let them fob you off any more!

My theological discussion with a gay clergymen who admits he has no firm views about morality except the rightness of gay marriage

Claire Khaw ‏@1party4all
@RevRichardColes @lindasgrant Are you you really not aware that the Bible says #sodomy is a #sin?
8:52 AM - 23 May 12

Richard Coles ‏@RevRichardColes
@1party4all @lindasgrant The sin of Sodom was not gay marriage. It was betrayal of the obligation of hospitality.
8:54 AM - 23 May 12

Claire Khaw ‏@1party4all
@Mad_Pieman @RevRichardColes @lindasgrant Oh, I see. The New Testament supersedes the Old Testament? Why include it in the Bible then?
8:59 AM - 23 May 12

Claire Khaw ‏@1party4all
@RevRichardColes @lindasgrant Are you really saying that God really thinks being inhospitable is a greater sin that being a #sodomite?
9:08 AM - 23 May 12

Richard Coles ‏@RevRichardColes
@1party4all @Mad_Pieman @lindasgrant It is the fulfilment of the Law. Not the repudiation of the Law.
9:17 AM - 23 May 12

Richard Coles ‏@RevRichardColes
@1party4all @lindasgrant A sodomite is someone who offends agains the law of hospitality.
9:18 AM - 23 May 12

Richard Coles ‏@RevRichardColes
@1party4all @Mad_Pieman @lindasgrant I recommend a close study of the teachings of Jesus Christ to help you with this.
9:21 AM - 23 May 12

Claire Khaw ‏@1party4all
@RevRichardColes @Mad_Pieman @lindasgrant Link please about Sodomites being not very good hosts who deserve to die more than #sodomites?
9:22 AM - 23 May 12

Richard Coles ‏@RevRichardColes
@1party4all @lindasgrant Not so much quaint, more a scholarly understanding of sodomite.
9:22 AM - 23 May 12

Claire Khaw ‏@1party4all
@RevRichardColes @lindasgrant Link and evidence for your understanding of #sodomite that no one else has heard of.
 9:23 AM - 23 May 12

Richard Coles ‏@RevRichardColes
@lindasgrant @1party4all @Mad_Pieman Jesus says nothing about homosexuality, and a great deal about love.
9:23 AM - 23 May 12

Claire Khaw ‏@1party4all
@RevRichardColes @lindasgrant @Mad_Pieman Everything in Old Testament superseded by New Testament? Not much morality in New Testament, mate
9:24 AM - 23 May 12 v

Claire Khaw ‏@1party4all
@RevRichardColes @lindasgrant @Mad_Pieman The fact that New Testament says nothing about #morality must suit you down to the ground.
9:25 AM - 23 May 12

Richard Coles ‏@RevRichardColes
@1party4all @lindasgrant here's a place to start:
9:32 AM - 23 May 12   [If Nick Gier is gay, then he would say that wouldn't he???]

Paul Frame ‏@PaulFrame85
@1party4all @RevRichardColes @lindasgrant @Mad_Pieman You are a pharisee and I claim my Five pounds.
9:35 AM - 23 May 12

Very interesting, I have been called a Pharisee.

I am linked with Josephus, a Pharisee I much admire for his definition of a theocracy.

Josephus understood theocracy as a fourth form of government in which only God and his law is sovereign

I was delighted to discover that Pharisees were "distinguished from other groups prior to the destruction of the Temple was their belief that all Jews had to observe the purity laws (which applied to the Temple service) outside the Temple."

This means I am instinctively a Good Jew, which rather bolsters my claim to be the Messiah of the Jews though I am a female and gentile.  I do have a birthday in the right month to be their Messiah too.

There is a Pharisee in all of us.

Emasculated white men who call themselves nationalists fear their women more than they fear Muslims and racial degradation

So many white nationalists in America and Britain seem to think President Putin of Russia is going to rescue them from the Muslim hordes. They wait like distressed maidens for their knight in shining armour, I suppose, putting on their make-up and looking out the window hopefully from time to time. Every day in every way my contempt for them increases exponentially. There are two things you do with distressed maidens: you either rescue them or you exploit them and sell them into slavery after having seduced or deflowered them.

It seems the white man is not preparing even to fight an ideological war against feminism.

They do not wish to fight an ideological war because they do not want to change their ways of thinking.

To fight a successful ideological war, they must first abandon all the ways that they have tried and failed.

But many are sentimental romantics who have been accustomed to a life of failure and see no shame in failure.

Indeed, it can be seen that many do not want success, for, with success comes the burden of office. With the burden of office comes the exercise of power, which doubtless they will misuse.

And so they prefer failure because failure means that you do not have the burden of office and the chance that you will misuse your power and fail.

They prefer instead to fail and whinge weakly like women, because that is all they have known and all they ever want to know.

If they wanted to try new things they would consider nationalism under an anti-feminist and a civic nationalist ticket.

It is quite clear to me that these white men have no use for me.   They would only have use for me if they want to tackle feminism.  If they wanted to tackle feminism they would see the necessity of embracing civic nationalism, but they are now too thick and slut and bastard-bred to see this or wish to discuss it.

Does this surprise me?  Yes and no.  I have to go through all the motions to prove exactly how fucking useless and contemptible the white man is, even the ones who say they want to save their race.



Even the Muslims are afraid of SSMs.  (They were the ones who had their shops looted by the sluts and bastards of Britain and three of their young men were murdered by the slut and bastard rioting scum.  In time they too will be made to adopt the slut and bastard standards and values of 21st century Britain and the moral standards of non-Muslim British womanhood.

Even the Muslims will become pussies if they stay here long enough, cowering in fear at the SSM who squats over them and pisses on them, as in time their female descendants will become bastard-breeding SSMs.

Muslims will in time shut up about SSMs, just like the Jews.

The Muslims living in Britain will become the gutless wimps white non-Muslim men have become, and the Muslims of other lands will piss and shit on them too and will come here to Britain to abuse their easy meat female descendants.

Islam can be part of the solution, and only I know how this can be done while respecting the best British traditions of worship, law and culture.

If the useless scummy useless so-called white "nationalists" hope I will fade away if they ignore me and exclude me from their meetings on trumped-up charges, it is not my intention to do so.

I have to go through the motions of all I can reasonably do to establish how hopeless and gutless they are and how incapable of doing even the least they can do, which is to acknowledge the causes of the British malaise or be prepared to discuss it in a civil and rational way.

"Right thought, right speech, right action", as the Buddha said.  These so-called men are not even thinking the right thoughts.

I can see now that they are too fearful of even looking at their Slut Single Mum Sacred Cow in the eye.

If right-minded men of all races and religions support me they and I will grow in strength and influence.  If they ignore me, then they (and I mean all Britons of all races) will only have a slut and bastard future to look forward to, and the degradation of their descendants under an increasingly demented matriarchy.

Who were the English rioters last year?  The bastard spawn of British SLUTS whom no one will criticise.  Even James Delingpole who complained about the uselessness of the riots enquiry dared not mention Slut Single Mums.
How the Liberal Left media at an Orwell Prize do pointedly refuse to acknowledge the role of Slut Single Mums in the riots of 2011
How even the Mail is TOO AFRAID of mentioning in its headlines that it was a gang of BLACK men who stabbed a white father and his son in a North London pub for no reason at all

"Father, 56, fighting for life after being stabbed trying to shield dying son from frenzied attack by hoodie gang outside pub after Chelsea match" is how the PC Mail chose to put it
Mail and nation applauds the fact that degraded overweight white man is given food by a black man

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

IVF for gay and lesbian couples - another sign of matriarchal DEMENTIA

The upper age at which women should receive IVF on the NHS is being increased from 39 to 40-42. The chief executive of Nice, Sir Andrew Dillon, and Justine Bold, a woman who's spent more than £33,000 on fertility treatment at 43, debate the changes.

It seems that our matriarchal government has now taken to saying it is going to make more generous provision for the unproductive and unnecessary even when everyone knows there is no money in the kitty.   Is that madness or is that insanity?  Is that lunacy or is that dementia?

It is of course always the spoilt WOMEN who whinge about this sort of thing, and what they want they must have.

They now want LESBIANS to have IVF treatment, at the expense of the male taxpayer!  And the male taxpayer is taking it like a lamb, because his brains have turned to shit, his guts to piss and his balls to mince after being fucked by feminism after so many decades.

If you can't breed, then you shouldn't and no one else should be made to pay for your  fucking fertility treatment.

Is it not time to call time on Feminism?

Is it not time to call the cops on this Sacred Cow that is eating the British out of house and home and covering their carpets with its cowpats?

Is it not time to tell FEMINISM TO FUCK OFF???

Let's face it, feminism is anti-eugenic.  Its very existence makes any race degenerate with its obsession for sex and shopping, turning men into women, turning women into slut single mums, and turning your civilisation into SHIT.

Can you imagine what kind of offspring these fertility challenged gay and lesbian couples are going to produce and how they are going to bring them up?  Can you?

You won't read this proposal in any of the pussified nationalist websites, mate.  You read it HERE, FIRST.

And that is why I presume to lead the civic nationalist party that will leave the BNP and UKIP in its wake, after poaching all their best members ....

You, as an activist, will of course have far far far better working conditions than in either BNP or UKIP and be part of the anti-feminist COUNTER REVOLUTION that will return Britain to rationally small government, after we have told feminism to fuck off.

Monday, 21 May 2012


Honoured Guest Blogger David Jones  (Over the Farm Gate)

I think, by now, even the most ardent sticks in the mud supporting Nick Griffin can, seeing the dismal election results, no longer all is fine and dandy in UK Nationalism.

The poor showing by the BNP in comparison to both other parties and their previous vote cannot be glossed over with sugar-coated begging letters from Welshpool. Confidence in Nationalist Politics is at an all time low. I know that because even I've been feeling the biting pinch upon the morale of all those that call ourselves English/ British Nationalists.

Despite a rash of "Unity Meetings" around the land, I fear that the agenda/ s at play are not unity but self/ brand interest.

There are essentially two currents flowing in that circuit.

The first is a push to promote the National Front, the main asset there being Richard Edmonds. This is not a genuine unity effort in my opinion, no disrespect to the ex-BNP officials now working hard within the NF, but a recruitment drive. When I was an NF member in late 2003, I was told that the NF believed that progress was only possible if the other parties are undermined and marginalised, that attitude in my opinion is part of the NF's DNA and will never change. Whatever the sound logic of that, the fact remains that other parties exist, and such an attitude is bound to rouse hostility from other groups. It did from me anyway, but I have a strong belief that submission to another group or its philosophy constitutes a strong personal defeat - hence my hatred of organised religion.

The second current is the Brons-Lewthwaite axis. This is a northern based push to promote an alliance of northern-based parties and rebel BNP members around the DN Party, and employing a sportingly co-operative Andrew Brons MEP as their main event, with support from the England-First and British Movement. This for all its faults will be the better option for those seeking competent organisers to work with. Their website and propaganda could do with a makeover though but they appear to know their business.

Caught up in the currents are the London-based IONA and New Right, who appear to be a in quarrel with each other but these can be dismissed as talking shops, and they have been pushed down into the flyweight division since their recent loss of the late Jonathan Bowden, the talented orator. We may safely disregard the BNP from the equation now as I think we already know.

Opens two distinct possibilities:

1. The vast number of independent nationalists and freelancers have an greatly increased chance of influencing the shape of things to come. If, that is, we can drag them away from their PC's and present our common demands and grievances. There is an enormous pool of talent going to waste here.

2. If the DN Party/Brons axis is centred in the North and the NF camp operates out of London, the exception being East Lancashire, there exists a strong possibility of infighting over the influence of nationalism in East Lancashire. With a strong NF presence in Rochdale & Rossendale that feels no love lost against the England-First Party in Preston and the increasing DN Party presence in Burnley then we could see the real battle lines drawn in this "unity effort".

Interesting times lie ahead. The NF wouldn't attend the Unity meeting I attended in Burnley and the theme there was "Nationalism in One County".

This could be a highly intriguing time for an independent nationalist hoping to fight a by election in nearby Todmorden in November, with the Lancashire County Council seats up next year in May 2013.

I don't want to miss this history in the making.

David Jones,
Todmorden, East Lancashire.

Further thoughts on nationalist unity

Why do I bother, eh?

They are not my people and very much dislike me for saying the things I do.  I am now banned for every kind of nationalist meeting for trumped-up reasons.  

Troy Southgate, the Organiser of the New Right Meetings pretends I am a security risk merely for blogging on what they discussed.

Jez Turner banned me from attending a London Forum Meeting in April for reasons he refuses to disclose.

Richard Edmonds now claims that I support the actions of Anders Breivik whom I have described as a terrorist on  numerous occasions, and nothing I say, long or short, will disabuse him of the idea.  Indeed, the very idea is defamatory, for every response he gives suggests that he has not read anything of what I have said, because his purpose was to pretend that I support Breivik and use this reason to exclude me.  

But if I don't remain active in nationalism and wag my finger at the men like an officious nanny, who will?  There is no one in nationalism who dares denounce feminism, except Simon Sheppard,  the Political Prisoner, and he is under a very strict control order that prevents him from discussing politics at all, I understand.  

Give me the name of a man better able to lead the nationalist movement to dizzying heights of triumph and national influence than I, and I will shut up and return to the kitchen!  

Disenfranchise the Slut Single Mother by 2018

1918 – The Representation of the People Act of 1918 enfranchised women over the age of 30 who were either a member or married to a member of the Local Government Register. About 8.4 million women gained the vote.

I propose that there be an attempt to return to an approximation of this by 2018.

The idea that only respectable married women and female property owners deserved the vote was an eminently sensible one.

Rich Lowry said in the National Review (mentioned in The Week 21 April 2012) that "women always support Democrats more than men do," just as men tend to favour the Republicans.

So now we know why female suffrage should have remained very limited, and that indiscriminate universal suffrage was a very very bad idea indeed.

Men are sensible and socially conservative and women are easy fooled by mad and foolish schemes.  Their irrational yet conformist nature makes them particularly susceptible to damaging whynottery.  Yet they will not be told because their feelings are easily hurt, and tend to treat as the enemy anyone who hurts their easily hurt feelings.  As well as being irrational and sentimental, they are often censorious, vindictive and unforgiving.

The simplest and fairest thing to do now would be to have taxpayer-only voters paying a minimum of tax.  This would instantly disenfranchise the Slut Single Mum and her unproductive bastard spawn who have no jobs, pay no taxes and are a burden on the state, who do nothing more with their lives than to breed more unproductive bastard spawn who have no jobs , pay no taxes ... etc etc.

We already know how nearly 100 years of courting the female vote has led to.

Time to call the cops on feminism and tell her to fuck off.
How Feminism Led To Two World Wars

Nationalism itself is a masculine expression, because the nation is a masculine construct (the feminine equivalent is "the community"). 

How an atheist can use God AKA An Atheist's Guide to Getting God to Work For You

To get the most from God, remember it is not necessary to actually believe in the actual existence of God.

All you have to do is imagine the time when Abraham conceived of an omnipotent, eternal and moral God.

And then imagine how it would be if He existed.

And then imagine how it would be if He were your very own personal God.

It was the imagination of a mere man that conjured Him into existence, to assist him in his politics, morality and spirituality.

The question is not  whether God exists, but whether YOU wish to enlist Him to be YOUR friend, when you already know you cannot trust anyone.

Therefore even if you do not really believe God exists, you could still have a relationship with Him and bargain with Him, if you know what you are supposed to do that just might help you get yourself into His good books to preserve you and aid your enterprises in this life only, if you do not believe in an afterlife.

Even if He does not really exist it is therapeutic, comforting and allows you to function independently of any other prop.  Whatever works.

If God is only a spiritual and an emotional prop, He is at least more transportable and at hand than even your iPhone and Facebook account.   You only have to think of Him to summon Him to your assistance and make Him listen to your concerns and anxieties, while you may lose your phone and have your Facebook account disabled.

Imaginary companions are an integral part of many children's lives. They provide comfort in times of stress, companionship when they're lonely, someone to boss around when they feel powerless, and someone to blame for the broken lamp in the living room. Most important, an imaginary companion is a tool young children use to help them make sense of the adult world.

God is just the adult version of this.    

On racial superiority and racial inferiority

It is all about good manners. Even if we do think we our superior we should not be arrogant or rude. Sadly, so many of these white nationalists come from a background where these virtues have not firmly inculcated.

Indeed, some of them are crude enough to think that being a nationalist means you must be rude to other races and foreigners as a matter of principle. Indeed, they behave like the bastard retarded children that a parent is ashamed of and wishes to dissociate himself or herself from, rather than attempt to advise or correct.

They are of course their own worst enemy because many of the policies they support are quite sensible, eg withdrawal from the EU, the return of the capital and corporal punishment, but, because they are so despised and come from such low poor rough backgrounds, no one listens to them.

Even now they talk about forcible repatriation, apparently not noticing that London has fallen to the Muslims and that Britain has a few Pakistani cities, whether they like it or not.

They remind me of men who ask a woman they fancy if she fancies a shag, rather than adopt the more tried and proven method of trying to court her and charm her.  Perhaps they already know they are going to fail, so they can whinge some more about the world not being fair and to display their victimhood and their wounds that no one wants to see.

They say things should not be like this, rather like aggrieved children saying the world "is not fair".

They do not seem aware that implementing a policy of forcibly repatriating non-white British citizens (which they like to call "phased and humane repatriation") would result in civil war.

Perhaps that is what they really want.

And they are surprised and aggrieved people will not vote for them in sufficient numbers.  Must be the Jews conspiring against them, as usual, they mutter darkly to themselves.

In a way it is not surprising that their own government has washed their hands of them. Their government either refuses or cannot be bothered to tell them that their slut and bastard ways and the shit education they get from state schools makes them unfit for purpose as a working class. That is why they are being replaced by foreigners.

Do they ever ask for a better education? No.

Most of them have no idea what a grammar school is.

All they do is whinge about the Muslims looking their noses at them because the Muslims see how slut and bastard the white working classes are and resolve never ever to become like the indigenous sluts and bastards.

Do nationalists want to talk about family values supported by marriage?

Do they fuck.

They prefer to whinge about people who come from brown backward countries who come here and do better than they do because they at least respect the institutions of the family and marriage, while the slut and bastard white indigenous fuck and drink and drug themselves to degradation and death, while being afraid of criticising their Slut Single Mums.

They are really really beyond contempt and probably beyond help.

Jews and Muslims do family values supported by marriage, but the indigenous white working classes don't, thinking themselves somehow above such things.

They are like a very average student refusing to study hard and hating, envying, bullying and breaking the spectacles and tearing the books of anyone who does better than they do.

Of such attitudes is British nationalism derived.

Nick Griffin, instead of appealing to what is noble and masculine in the working man, instead appeals to what is venal, petty and the eternal and ignoble victimhood of the proletariat, especially the promiscuous female activist whom male nationalists are in thrall to, especially if she sleeps with more than one of them, and causes them to fight each other.  Women like this are welcome because her presence suggests that nationalism is respectable enough to deserve the participation of women.

Have you noticed the new BNP heart logo with its blurred edges?  Forsooth, the BNP itself is now trying to court the female vote, in the teeth of the realisation that where we are now has been the result of decades of courting the female vote.

Nick Griffin would never support family values now, because he knows that most of his supporters are now afflicted with the cancer of illegitimacy and fatherlessness, broken homes that tolerance of the Slut Single Mum has caused.  To support family values would mean that he would have to tell his slut and bastard supporters to mend their ways, and that is more than his job's worth.  It is far easier and more profitable to milk their grievance and monetise it.

And so, as David Starkey says, white people have become black.

They will be treated like the Wiggers they have become, by the rest of the world.

The tragedy of this is of course that the victims of feminism can no longer help themselves.

They are so far gone that only a female and a foreigner will say the things that need to be said.

And even then she is shunned by nationalists for saying the things that need to be said.

That is how bad things are, for I have now been banned from all nationalist meetings.   Their purpose is to pretend that everything I have said should be ignored, so they do not have to grasp the nettle of feminism, so they can remain in denial.  

To return to rationally small government destroy feminism and reinstate family values

Feminism will never let men wean themselves off the welfare state.

Feminism wants to breast-feed the man she has infantilised, masturbate him and change his soild nappies until Western civilisation dies and rots.

How can feminism be defeated? Through the reintroduction of family values which would enable a rationally small state to exist.

How can family values be reintroduced?


Which religion is strong enough to defeat feminism?  Not Christianity, which is the religion of slaves and women.  In any case the Church of England is now hopelessly emasculated, infiltrated by women, gay priests, leftist clergy, liberals and third rate minds incapable of discussing morality intelligibly, who do not see it as their role to safeguard the morals of the British nation, and who in any case only associate morality with relativism and tolerance of evil and the celebration of sexual liberation, especially female promiscuity.

It is they who tolerate all that is evil and shower their compassion on the criminal, the hopeless cases and the undeserving at the expense of the normal and healthy.  

There remains only one religion left.  Yes, the cure to feminism would appear to worse than the disease.  But is it really?  Can anything else be worse than the degradation and dementia that always accompanies feminism, the ideology that tolerates Slut Single Mums and makes men in the political establishment afraid of them, because so many of them now have the vote?