Thursday, 31 May 2012

Dave Jones sets the record straight with Hope Not Hate

"I find Hope Not Hates claim about me and Claire Khaw 'falling out' ridiculous. They take inferences and present them as facts, loaded with personal jibes against the target with no reference to the facts.

I have been refer ed to as a village idiot, a bore, a pub trawler and now they speculate as to my friendships.

I did not attend the meeting in Newcastle upon Tyne because, working in agriculture, work had to come first. Being degenerate student types who never worked a day in their lives I don't expect Hope Not Hates support base to grasp that concept.

I do not regret allowing Claire Khaw to campaign with me for one second. She and I find ourselves in agreement on the issue of feminism and family. Contrary to what Hope Not Hate say, our friendship and political co-operation is strong and I will be working with her in upcoming local elections and by elections to make certain the anti-feminist message is heard loud and clear."

Nationalist Unity Personified

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