Friday, 4 May 2012

David Jones, Independent Nationalist, beats Greens in Todmorden

David Jones, who beat the Greens in Todmorden

Congratulations to @JonesRotweiller for beating the Greens. That was the best that can be hoped for at this stage.

SMS from @JonesRotweiller at the count in Todmorden at 1146: "Cons 583, LibDems 874, BPP 257, Greens 246, Lab 1072. Turnout 34.3%"

SMS from @JonesRotweiller at the count in Todmorden at 1126: "[Nearest] Independent nationalist Tom Bates [ex-BNP in Illingworth] has lost his seat."

SMS from @JonesRotweiller at the count in Todmorden at 1125: "150 in Greens' tray. There's a few yet to come."

SMS from @JonesRotweiller at the count in Todmorden at 1121: "150 in my tray so far."

SMS from @JonesRotweiller at 11:14 at the count in Todmorden: "Tories pulled ahead of me."

SMS from @JonesRotweiller at 1040: "Not far behind the Tories, and ahead of the Greens."


Lab   35.36%
LibDems 28.83%
Con   19.23%
BPP  8.46%
Green  8.11%

One spoilt ballot from Colin Jackson of the NF (who could have voted for Dave, but chose not to).  Dave recognised his writing which was on the ballot paper saying "Juden raus").  Does nationalism want to be associated with this sort of babyish nonsense any more?  

Dave's percentages are: 4.9% the first time he stood, 5.5% the second time he stood, and this, this the third time 8.46%.

This despite being told by the NF that he would get his worst vote ever and that they would stand candidates against him in the future for betraying the cause by collaborating with a non-white civic nationalist.

You would have thought that they would know by now to cast aside their petty tribalism and pointless vindictiveness and grow up for a change, but not a bit of it.

The only way forward is grown-up Nationalism, and being grown-up means being able to work with others successfully in order to achieve a common goal, which is of turning back the tide of liberal dementia, who cannot even explain to themselves, let alone their voters, why they do the mad and silly things they do - stupid foreign wars that do not bring the British any credit, stupid laws that burden British businesses that stop them from being internationally competitive, a demented education system that favours girls at the expense of boys and which encourages girls to be sluts, totalitarian censorship, Lords reform and "gay marriage".

Sadly, the tribal racial nationalists at the NF have no intention of growing up, probably because they know that even if success were handed to them on a silver platter, they would probably knock it over accidentally on purpose because they fear the realities of office that would make them see the necessity of renouncing their xenophobia, racism and their "socialism for whites only" policies that were in fact responsible for the institution of the Sacred Cow that is our Nanny State that is now eating us out of house and home and defecating all over our carpet.

Do not forget that Dave and I are libertarian nationalists who want lower taxes and fewer laws, because we believe that lower taxes and fewer laws would be in the long-term British National Interest, unlike the Conservative Party who no longer believes in such things because it is now a cat's paw of extremist PC liberalism and socialism under Cameron.   

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