Saturday, 19 May 2012

Gay Vicar and woman mock male licence fee payers on a BBC radio show while encouraging single mothers to change the sex of their sons when they are 16

Jackie Green who changed his sex when he was a boy of 16, with the encouragement of his mother , who was divorced from his father when he was 7.  The BBC, Sian Williams and Reverend Richard Coles, a gay VICAR of the Anglican Church, interview him approvingly.  Also, Reverend Coles tweeted the previous day he was DELIGHTED that Jo Brand - an ugly fat disgusting feminist socialist comedienne - was invited into church by an imbecile vicar so she could mock his congregation when she said "vagina" in  his church.  This is the sort of thing trendy vicars with their own radio show do when they have been made respectable by an imbecilic Anglican Church who delights in being mocked because it is full of third rate minds of morally confused limp-dicked clergymen who support gay marriage and having NOTHING to say about their failure to protect the morals of the British and indeed do not see it as their role to do so, as Reverend Coles does not.
Jackie Green, who changed from a boy to a girl when he was 16, with the approval of his/her parents and also the approval of Sian Williams and Reverend Richard Coles of the BBC who are clearly part of the matriarchy, bent on promoting degeneracy in the British people.   Why is a woman and a gay vicar allowed to mock male licence fee payers Saturday after Saturday after Saturday?  Because they can.  Why does a dog lick his balls?

I think #saturdaylive is ALL about mocking MALE licence fee payers, don't you think, @orderlyplayer?

Women have @BBCWomansHour 6 days a week but they still the airwaves with their shit on #Saturdaylive ...

Ooh! I heard @RevRichardColes trying to interject but the women just talked over him with their baking ...

Do any REAL MEN listen to #SaturdayLive?

Do non-morons, non-women and non-liberals listen to the MORONIC #SaturdayLive?

If #SaturdayLive is having falling viewing figures, maybe they would like to invite me as a guest?

Is the point of #SaturdayLive to bore the listener to death or to mock the MALE licence fee payer?

Y are the men so MORONIC on #SaturdayLive? They are just as moronic as the women, to be fair, I suppose.

Why is #SaturdayLive dominated by boring women and moronic men?

Looks like @SianWilliams100 is doing all the important interviews on #SaturdayLive.

Hey guys, once your wife divorces you, she can turn your son into a girl.

Listen to a woman @SianWilliams100 n a gay vicar @RevRichardColes say it is OK for a #singlemum to turn ur son into a woman.

Haha. @SianWilliams100 is already blocking me on Twitter and #SaturdayLive ain't even over.

Maybe not that many people listen to #SaturdayLive. Even moronic emasculated men and feminist women get bored of the same old crap.

Hmmm. I wonder if @RevRichardColes will be pushed off #SaturdayLive for not blocking me on Twitter. Wouldn't put it past @BBCRadio4

It is interesting to watch a gay vicar @RevRichardColes being subservient to @SianWilliams100. Pecking order in #matriarchy, you see!

In the matriarchy women are above gay men who are above straight men.



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