Saturday, 19 May 2012

Gay vicar delighted that coarse ugly female comedian Jo Brand mocks a congregation by saying "vagina" in Church!/RevRichardColes/status/203611476819329025

Richard Coles ‏@RevRichardColes
I just spent a delightful evening in church with Jo Brand whose use of the word 'vagina' was warmly received by an appreciative congregation
11:22 PM - 18 May 12

Jo Brand says "vagina" in church on 18 May 2012  Who was the trendy vicar who invited this coarse and disgusting woman into his church so she can mock his congregation and mock the church?  I think she should be told.

"I propose that Islam - and a distinctly Anglicised form of it, with Anglican forms of worship in Churches with carols and hymns with Trinitarian elements excised - should be made the national state religion after the current lot of third-rate minds incapable of discussing morality beyond tolerating every damn single evil thing, openly gay priests, women, socialists, liberals and feminist clergymen have been defenestrated and dramatically disestablished."

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