Sunday, 6 May 2012

Grudging congratulations to David Jones from a nationalist

Millhouse1933  5 May 2012  10:48 PM:

Dave Jones got 257 votes, 8.4%. Beat the Greens as well, he received less votes than them last time.

No elections for two years in Calderdale and if he does stand again, this time for the Peking People's Party or whatever it'll be called, he won't do so well fighting on a non-racialist ticket and by that time Claire Khaw will be bored of him and will have moved on to something else.

Big mistake, Dave.

I very much resent the suggestion impression that I am some sort of butterfly flitting from nationalist to nationalist or that I go round picking up nationalists and then dumping them casually and frivolously.

I like to think Dave and I will remain solid, simply because we wish to serve the cause of nationalist unity, and nationalist unity means the eventual merging of all the Eurosceptic parties, without which no nationalist movement can ever be successful.

If anyone is capable of this at all, it is me and a bit of help from my friends, of whom Dave is certainly one.

We can try to do this by agreeing a form of words that pragmatic nationalists can use that will not unduly alarm the easily frightened voter, or we can let the LibLabCon give us a referendum on the EU, but only when they are good and ready.  This was what Lord Mandelson had in fact suggested last week.

Who would like to bet that the LibLabCon will be the ones to hold a referendum well before nationalists  figure out which end is their arse and which end their elbow?

Would they like things done more quickly then, so they can take some of the credit as well as promote the other policies that are important to them, such as the repeal of the Equality Act 2010?

If so, they really should get behind me and David Jones, and get Peter Rushton and Jim Lewthwaite to do the same too.

Being a female and a foreigner, I really am the best person to do this.  My views on the most issues are already on display, so there are no nasty surprises around the corner.

I really am only trying to help and am very happy to meet the people who seem to think I have two heads and arrived on a broomstick as the Wicked Witch of the East, just to reassure them that I can be quite nice and civilised really.
Answers to my question:  Why do nationalists hate and fear me so? I am only trying to help!
Answers to my question: Which of my views are considered extreme?

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