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Claire is admittedly a controversial figure, my first impressions of her were very mixed. Therefore it comes as no surprise to me that the British People's Party, of which I was a founder member would kick me out for associating with her. (even though it was them that introduced me to her)

From one point of view our political co-operation ought not to happen, considering that she is;

1. Oriental
2. Southern
3. Middle class
4. Civic Nationalist
5. Urban
6. Has a background in Law.
7. Pro-religion and has a liking for the Qu'ran.
8. Interested deeply in theory and ideology.

Compare that to me...

1. Norse/ Celtic.
2. Lancastrian.
3. Working Class.
4. Race-conscious.
5. Rural Pennine born and bred, farming stock.
6. Holds the law in contempt as an Anarchist would.
7. Have never read the Qu'ran (though I intend to) and consider Abrahamic faiths to be despotic and imperialistic.
8. A community based agitator impatient of debate.

You would think that combination of backgrounds and attitudes would be a recipe for disaster wouldn't you? Well after reading her blog and talking with her at length and I find her rhetoric harsh I see that we have fundamental points of agreement that take precedence over that.
These are;

1. Neither of us are afraid to be seen using imagery such as swastikas etc.

2. We recognise that the existing parties and leaders are too stuck in their ways to take criticism, and conclude that they want not success but are merely engaged in ideological self indulgence.

3. Are both political outcasts who spoke our minds, did our own thing and paid the price - both of us are deemed to have brought our creeds "into disrepute" by our peers.

4. We are both hard-core libertarians who propose to dismantle the all-enveloping state. Our policies would aim at abolishing laws, not making more, ie...

i. The Law abolishing Capital Punishment

ii. The Human Rights Act

iii. The Race Relations, Religious Hatred, Terrorism and Public Order Acts

iv. The Firearms Act, including the Handgun Ban.

vi. The Hunting with Dogs Act.

vii. Legislation allowing for 'gay marriage'.

That brings up what will happen this November.

In my home-town, for the Todmorden Town Council, a seat in the "Town Centre" ward will become vacant as a result of a Labour Councillor announcing that he is stepping down due to ill health.
This ward is home to most of Todmordens 460+ strong Pakistani Community, who make up about 17% of the electorate there. This is one of five parish wards that make up the Borough of Calderdales 'Todmorden Ward'. It is the ward where the our first Muslim Town Mayor Cllr Abid Hussein has a seat, and my political opponent from the Liberal Democrats is likely to be a Mr Joe Rez, Abids "Mayoress" (and son of a Hungarian SS Veteran).

My opponent from the Labour Party is likely to be the locally detested off-commer Steph Booth, wife of Marxist actor Tony Booth of Alf Garnett fame. My Conservative opponent, if there is one at all, will most likely be the mostly absent former Liberal Democrat Town Councillor Julie Stansfield.

This ward has nonetheless delivered my three Calderdale Council election campaigns the second highest number of votes (the highest coming from the my own neighbouring ward that consists of the farming belt where I was raised and also includes one of the most socially isolated and roughest council estates in the Calder Valley - known locally as "the Avenues").

However I have found the local Muslims, though hard work, easy enough to get on with. I intend to extend to their community leaders to help me run the drug dealers out of town.

Though I am taking a risk, I am making the radical decision to extend to Ms. Claire Khaw an offer: Place your message before my voters. That is my friends, family, associates, political sympathisers and personal supporters. The people that matter to me, and the people I stake my political reputation upon. I can't just log in and out, I see these people every day, they are the reason I am still fighting, they are the people who gave me 8.5% of the vote.

I consider your issues worth a hearing in a real ward, in fact the most important strategic ward of my are and am prepared to work with you on putting across:

1. A libertarian message.
2. An anti-feminist message.
3. A small government message.
4. A message that these issues are so important that we need to work together on them despite obvious, and even valid, nationalist objections.

In other words Claire, this is your chance! A real electorate, a real say, a real hearing for your ideas. They will either reject them in them in ridicule or give them the endorsement and votes you need to generate the interest from nationalists and prove their worth and propel them into the real world of nationalist activism.

I ask you in this most public way. Yes, or No?

David Jones;
Todmorden, East Lancashire.

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