Sunday, 6 May 2012

No-hoper London Mayoral Candidate gets more votes than both Eurosceptic candidates added together

Sexy Siobhan
Naughty Nazi Claire

This means a pretty lady is more attractive to Londoners as a protest vote than UKIP and BNP.

Siobhan Benita received 83,914 votes.

UKIP candidate Lawrence Webb received 43,274  votes and the BNP candidate Carlos Cortiglia received 28,751

The combined votes of the Eurosceptic candidates (72,025) is still 11,889 short of the vote for the Pretty Lady.  That is nearly TWELVE THOUSAND VOTES, fellow Londonders!!!

Are most London voters just politically ignorant, stupid, unprincipled, vote with their penises or are they really just not bothered about the EU or immigration?

You tell me.

The logical way to have voted, if you are

1.  against stupid Neocon wars AKA liberal interventionism AKA being America's poodle AKA invading Muslim countries and robbing them of their oil in the name of human rights

2.  wish to withdraw from the EU

3.  concerned about immigration

would have been to vote UKIP (because it is the largest Eurosceptic party) and to vote for Ken (because he declared himself against the invasion of Iraq in no uncertain terms at the anti-war rally in 2003).

That was how I voted.  It therefore enraged me to find a UKIP and BNP supporter (both against the war too) giving their second preference vote to the Pretty Lady, after voting for their own party.

I eventually got the UKIP supporter to admit that he would have voted for Ken if Pretty Lady had not been a candidate.

I received a few outraged squawks from the BNP supporter who voted for the Pretty Lady after I was rather rude to him.  Why should he a BNP supporter, vote UKIP - a bunch of middle class Tories who look down their noses at the white working classes?

My response was not whether his vote would have benefited UKIP, but how it came across to our political classes to whom we want to give the strongest possible message of rejection and disapproval.

Sadly, they will think that in London - supposedly the most sophisticated city in the country - the voters are not that bothered about the issues Eurosceptics are bothered by.

It would appear that London voters are just degenerate tossers easily distracted from their grievances by pretty ladies and that their mayoral voting system is too complicated for the likes of them.

In the event it did not matter, because neither their second preference votes for the Pretty Lady would have been counted anyway.  However, the fact remains that they wasted their vote on a Pretty Lady when they could have cast it for Ken to make an anti-war point.

Had Ken won, it would have been delicious to point out to him that he owed his success to the Eurosceptic parties that he likes to call racist, fascist Nazi extremists.


What should the Eurosceptic parties have done to get a better result?

The BNP should have not expelled me and instead hung on to me as their mayoral candidate for dear life and supported me with all their heart and strength, obviously.  I would have changed the perception of British nationalism from being merely racist and xenophobic to something more intellectual, moral and sophisticated.

Failing that, UKIP should have admitted me and made me their mayoral candidate, and I would have got them some BNP votes too, as well as a goodly number of Muslim ones, for my knowledge of the Koran has been acknowledged, even by Muslim scholars.

But it was not to be, because both their leaders decided to play it safe.   It is quite clear to me now that most Londoners would have been prepared to be entertained and stimulated by my views on eugenics and arguments against feminism.  I may not be as sexy as Siobhan but I can be both funny and intellectually stimulating.

When a tidal wave or an avalanche is coming your way, I would suggest that the safest thing to do is not to stay exactly where you are and do and say exactly what you have done before ie being boring.  

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