Thursday, 3 May 2012


"You will know by now that I am fighting for a seat on Calderdale Council. I was running as the 'BPP - Putting Britons First' (British Peoples Party) candidate for my home ward of Todmorden, however I was expelled from the Party over my association with the DN Party, Andrew Brons MEP, Claire Khaw and the trans Pennine unity circuit. That is water under the bridge now and have been concentrating on my election campaign.

The following things have gone against me:

* The BPP withheld the remainder of my colour leaflets, making it impossible to cover the whole town.

* My third planned leaflet was to be a "Fighting Back", dealing with white industrial slavery, the idiotic war in Afghanistan as well as the bombshell news that I was pushing an anti-drinking measure through the Town Council aimed at yobbos congregating in the bus station and on the market. I was saving the best until last but obviously the BPP did not print those for me.

* The allegations of political forgery of nomination papers, an old trick by the opposition. The CID released details of the investigation to the Halifax Courier. (That story, was partly made "tomorrows fish & chip paper" by the subsequent visit of Jeff Marshall & Claire Khaw, who were kind enough to come all the way from London to campaign with me)

* My 'expose' in the Sunday Star of me with 'infamous' swastika rifle picture, linking me with GHB sales and Carlos Whatsisface's alleged pro-Argentine comments. (I am told one other red top ran a similar piece about me, but most locals know of my 'Nazi' links & aren't too bothered)

* Nasty (untrue) rumours that I'm 'anti-troops' have been circulated round Todmorden alleging I said British Troops in Ulster "should be shot", despite me being an ardent Unionist and of West Ulster descent myself. Also the 'Carlos/ Sunday Star' piece has linked me in some people's minds to Galtieri (!).

I do, nonetheless, have cause to be optimistic. And from the reaction I have seen in Todmorden this week I am encouraged to think my candidacy has not been a total flop, and hope to gain a respectable vote on the following grounds:

* The ridiculous, armed police raids on my house have engendered a strong sense of support. Locals are outraged at the way I have been treated, and the likely expense, and have rightly deduced I've been persecuted because of my political activity, or at least "because I'm different", all my previous two years voters are again behind me. (Should I get elected I will send DCI Long a bottle of Ulster Whiskey to thank him for his help.)

* My local colour leaflet was acknowledged to be excellent, and cut close to the bone attacking local corrupt figures. Many supporters who resoloutely won't vote have pledged me their vote this time, and sent letters of support. I have never had that before.

* I made sure the local paper the "Todmorden News" reported that I am no longer BPP (and that despite that party being to my name) I would not be taking my seat as BPP but as an Independent Nationalist if elected. The absence of the popular Independent Town Councillor David O'Neill from this years ballot should bring me some anti-party votes.

* The "Avenues", one of the two rock-solid nationalist areas in my ward, (a rough, isolated council estate) but one which has a low turnout, will see a rise in the vote if the feedback I am getting is anything to go by. This area is vital to any success I make in Todmorden. Such voters would never vote for anybody but me.

* Two candidates, the Labour and the Green, aren't local but come from Hebden Bridge, a wealthy, liberal, degenerate rat hole. Also the Liberal Democrat candidate is extremely unpopular and the incumbent Conservative, is considered arrogant and quite, corrupt. My own candidacy is likely to make further inroads into the Conservative vote in Todmorden and may well cost the Tories the seat in this three-way marginal.

* There will be a white backlash against Todmorden Town Council having a (Liberal Democrat) Pakistani Mayor, who gets raided regularly on drug-dealing warrants. Of course this can't be stopped but I am due to get a "protest vote" over it nonetheless. Niqab clad women, rarely seen, have been seen turning out in drover for him too.

* Based upon my conversations with the tellers, there is a very low turnout. This will of course work to my advantage. If my vote doesn't rise my percentage certainly will.

* My opponents have not been out much at all, and there has not been a high output of literature, nor has it been high quality. Only the doomed Liberal Democrat candidacy has resorted to postal addresses.

* There have been no campaign stalls either, also 'Hope not Hate' have failed to turn up as they were threatening to - again highly encouraging.


(And thank you to 'Voice of Reason' blog too!)"

In the hope of greater Ethno and Civic Nationalist Co-operation and Collaboration

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