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Reasons given to exclude me from a nationalist unity meeting, and my answers


Her posting on her blog, photos of herself in exactly the same pose as the depraved killer Breivik, complete wirth aimed rifle, etc. makes it politically impossible for us to invite Claire to the above "Nationalist Unity" meeting.

On her web-site, Claire published a photo of the depraved mass-killer, Breivik, holding and aiming a gun. Immediately underneath Claire deliberately published a photo of herself in exactly the same highly provocative pose: gun in hand, aiming.

[This can be seen at]

What message is Claire trying to make ? The murder of all those young people - who may have been leftists, (young socialists), but at their age and living in this enforced multi-racial society, they hardly know / knew any better - was a most wicked crime.Claire talks about wishing to start the rehabilitation of National Socialism , but in Adolf Hitler's Germany, as in healthy society, Breivik's action would have been regarded with horror and revulsion, and as a matter of fact, Breivik, once convicted, would have met his end at the guillotine.

There are two considerations:

firstly, that common decency demands that one utterly repudiates Breivik;

and secondly, the knowledge that the System would not hesitate to ban a party, and possibly imprison its leaders, if there was a suspicion that the party found favour in Breivik's actions; and the public, very understandably, would endorse and support such a ban.


I am afraid I wrote at such length that my point was lost.

The relevant extract in that hideously over-long post at is as follows:

I will make it clear that I have no desire to become a terrorist nor do I wish to gas Jews (some of whom are my best friends). It is only the potency of these images that will attract liberal eyes in spite of themselves.

Breivik did what he did when he came to the conclusion that participating in the political process is futile. He observed that once enough Norwegian voters wised up to what was happening to their country, the Norwegian government would let more immigrants in, give them passports and gerrymander the vote.

Even now, organisations such as UAF, Searchlight and Hope Not Hate regularly intimidate nationalists and pubs who allow nationalists to use their function rooms.

If they make it seem so hopeless that everyone believes that participating in the political process is doomed to failure and disgrace as well as intimidation and violence, then they have only themselves to blame if Britain gets its own Breivik in the years to come.

I have had to go so far to get an interesting photograph of myself taken with Dave and that flag because that is the only way to make the Liberal Left listen. It was they who drove me to do this, and they have only themselves to blame.

In that extract I have only said things in the hope of preventing a British Breivik. I think it can therefore be inferred that I do not endorse what Breivik has done.

Perhaps, because of the inordinate length of that post, it was just not read by you.

It has been pointed out that there are many who share Breivik's views, but would never have done what he did.

As for the government thinking of banning any party that endorses terrorism that I am a member of, I will simply deny that I endorse terrorism and challenge anyone who accuses me of endorsing terrorism to point to any single thing I have done or said that supports their contention. My point has always been that nationalists can beat liberals under the current rules, provided they are strategically astute.

What I would like to see now is Swastika, Iron Cross brooches and badges worn with burqas, sarees, shalwar kameezes, chadors, kaftans, jelabas etc. I am sure many many non-white British citizens such as Muslims hate the idea of gay marriage which Cameron is hell-bent on pushing through, but are too afraid to say in case in case they provoke yet another wave of seething, spitting, gnashing Islamophobia.

I am actually in favour of British voters of all races and religions using Nazi imagery to outrage the liberal political establishment to show them how much we hate them for their totalitarian thoughtcrime and hate-speech laws and the way they indoctrinate rather than educate British children so they become so useless that no sane British employer wants to hire them and hires foreign labour instead.

What follows is what David Jones has to say about my being banned from Nationalist Unity Meetings because of the photographs at

"Regarding the provocative swastika flag, there's quite a bit of hypocrisy here.

It is worth mentioning that the flag has been used as a sign of rebellion since it was re-introduced by the Oakland Hells Angels founder Sonny Barger, in the case of the '81s German Chapters, it was worn even in defiance of that nations own governments guilt-ridden laws banning such Nazi insignia. (Other 1% MCs Satans' Slaves MC and Blue Angels also use variants of it)

Wearing a swastika is universal way of showing defiance of nitwits who quickly take offence, and doing it in no uncertain terms.

When I see nationalists taking offence on behalf of thin-skinned public, and refusing to be seen anywhere near a swastika, they display the same moral cowardice as the political classes that they are supposed to be fighting.

It has really come to something when you can't even rely on a high ranking member of the National Front to stand by your right to fly a swastika."

It is precisely my strategy that nationalists court controversy, arouse the ire and hysteria of the liberals and then calmly dismiss their manufactured outrage in a series of easily remembered soundbites.

By having me at your meeting you will of course court controversy. It is this that will help convey the nationalist message to the wider public. If I am allowed to attend the meeting, I will be able to explain better how I intend to make nationalism rational, inclusive and exciting, rather than boring, racially-exclusive and narrow.

What nationalists must not do is to shy away from controversy or even try to avoid it altogether. It is the fact that nationalists can do so, so easily, that is their secret weapon, which it seems they are now afraid to use. By being afraid to use their ability to court controversy, they are throwing away the only advantage they have over the other parties.

I very much hope I will be given a chance to explain my strategy


Any one is entitled to come to the conclusion, that"participating in the political process is futile" : that is not my opinion, but people are entitled to come to that conclusion. What they are not entitled to do, is murder dozens of young people: that is wickedness; and every body can see that.

The only people to blame if Britain gets its own Breivik in the years to come, is the individual(s) who commit such wickedness. As for our political enemies, who make difficulties for us, one just has to endure the difficulties, without reacting in a criminal manner to what are just provocations, specifically designed to destabilise us.

As for "getting an interesting photograph... in order to get the Liberal Left to listen". Why bother to get the Liberal Left to listen ? Who cares what they think ? The only peoples' whose opinions matter, are those of the broad majority of decent British people. For this very reason we need to be perceived as: responsible, disciplined Patriots with a strong sense of civic duty.


I should have said "get the Liberal Left JOURNALISTS to listen". The voter consciousness is filtered through the Liberal Left media. By giving the Liberal Left media a story that apparently makes nationalists looks bad, we can turn the tables on them by ending the story in a way that makes nationalists look good. It is a kind of mental jujitsu, where you use the force of your opponent against himself by directing it in a certain way.

What nationalists cannot afford to do is to be boring, cowardly and despised (like the LibLabCon) AS WELL AS RACIST.

Nationalists need to deal with the liberal media and understand how hungry they are for stories.

We give them a story that runs and run that will keep coming to us for more. I think like a journalist. I know what stories the public wants and what kind of photos they want.

The role I see for myself in nationalism is Press Officer or Director of Communications. Nationalism needs for it what Peter Mandelson did to Old Labour to make it electable.

The Liberal Left do not know what to make of me and therefore they will want to write about me. There is nothing so far for them to write about if I am nowhere in nationalism, but, with the support of nationalists I can be something and nationalists can be something new and different and exciting and no longer racist.

I actually know people in the media and even once met them socially, though they shun me now. Let me make the most of my contacts, for the sake of nationalism

I have explained my position in the blog that accompanied the photos, and twice in emails to you, that I do not endorse Breivik's actions. To explain is not to justify.

I cannot quite understand why a nationalist should take the same hysterical attitude towards debate as a liberal does, but it seems it is your purpose to PRETEND that I endorse Breivik's actions and nothing I have written, long or short, will disabuse you of this idea.

I am the only person in nationalism who is not afraid of discussing Breivik, and it seems precisely your intention not to discuss Breivik and pretend you do not share many of his views. This is cowardice and hypocrisy of the highest order and the loss of a great opportunity to state the nationalist case. 

It is not criminal to have his views, only criminal to go on a shooting rampage. 

You may have other reasons, other than what you stated, not to have me in the movement, of course, and it would be naive in the extreme not to acknowledge this.

I would say it is precisely my race and my gender and my national origins that will be the secret weapon against the Left Liberal media, who do know what to make of me.

It seems you may be doing the things you were accusing Nick Griffin of not doing as leader of the BNP, not taking bold enough action, not doing things that obviously need to be done, but without discussing it properly with anyone, just because you are in charge and can exclude whomsoever you please.

I put these things to you in the hope that you are an honourable man and will do what is necessary for the sake of the cause and free speech and use the best available personnel and all the available means to defeat the enemy [of reason and free speech], without fear or favour.

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