Friday, 29 June 2012

The BNP and Jeremy Kyle

If the BNP had any sense they would demand that Jeremy Kyle includes ethnic minorities behaving badly.

Or ban the show on the ground that it incites hatred against white people.  

But they don't. If they had any I would be leader by now.


Anonymous said...

Jeremy Kyle is now working in the USA and his show there includes black people...

Although mostly white, I have also seen black people occasionally on the UK version before as well. No other ethnic minorities come to mind though.

Anonymous said...

If you could prove that people were beaten up by ethnic minorities from watching Jeremy Kyle you might have a point; but since this has not happened yet, you are just making stuff up and giving away what a deluded racist you are that you need to invent something in your febrile mind that just showing our underclass as they are is racist.

What, Jeremy is being racist against his own people?

Thanks for proving again that only those that are severely mentally challenged are racist, because they are, well, so plank.

That's also why you are not leader.

Now, go and study our history and constitution to understand the process for being Prime Minister or Royal Head of state here and why you do not and never will qualify as opposed to blaming it on your fairy-tale conspiracies.

Go ahead and quietly delete this; you are a disgrace to this nation, to our history and culture, which you clearly have no clue about.

Claire Khaw said...

I am sorry, I really have no idea what you are talking about. Maybe someone else will explain to me.