Wednesday, 6 June 2012

David Jones on how feminism is a nationalist issue


I recently read a tedious and protracted argument on the Facebook page of a London BNP friend of mine, a local organiser. This friend is a decent, hardworking activist who travelled up to Newcastle Upon Tyne, which cost (him a Kings Ransom), to have his say at one of the regular "Unity Meetings". I will not go into the details of the argument, though it appears that nearly every nationalist meeting not organised by the BNP itself is billed as a Unity Meetings, including this one which I could not attend for work reasons.

The meeting was apparently a success, in the sense that everybody had their say, was civil and had a good time. The "crisis of leadership" was discussed at length and the long catalogue of complaints against BNP Chairman, Nick Griffin, were regurgitated for the umpteenth time.

Blogger Claire Khaw had a fair amount to say, and had a long list of questions typed out concerning how nationalists can deal with the issue of feminism, single parenthood and the collapse of marriage.

To my mind it is quite reasonable to expect nationalists, who concern themselves with the long-term future of the British people, to address the matter of;

- Generation after generation of people who will be brought up without a mother and a father.

- Atrocious economic circumstances and tax system which penalise married couples, whilst encouraging separation for benefits purposes.

- The push to destroy families by encouraging family courts and social workers to treat fathers with contempt, as is frequently the case.

- The lack of "marriage contracts" in this increasingly atheist age, aimed at eliminating gold-digging women and potential cheating men from the institution of marriage - that is not a point about religion, these are a good idea from any perspective.

- A status quo that encourages mothers to abandon their children and seek employment (and partially disincentivise the men from being bread winners), trading their cherished chance to spend time raising their kids for the prospect of money to spoil their kids with out of guilt.

- The lack of discipline in young kids encouraged by stupid "anti smacking guidelines" and liberal teachers encouraging their spoilt pupils to ring the Police on their parents.

Those are all pretty sound issues to be taking up, and deal with problems that will destroy our society if not redressed with the same certainty as a foreign invasion or mass immigration. Deep down i suspect you know I'm correct here, I am not talking about anything wacky here, just common sense family values, raising kids correctly - that kind of thing. It shouldn't be too difficult to articulate this in a way that gains popular support if you really believe in the logic of it.

However it appears that nationalists seem no more to want to address this matter anymore than they do their "crisis of leadership".

They remind me of a group of frightened abseilers who won't take that first step down over the cliff edge and certainly won't be the ones to go first.

Hows this for a deal then?

Since there is little I can do to influence the "crisis of leadership" (ie find a new leader, found/ build a big party etc, owing to my lack of a spare £100'000 of a grand lying around) how about we get to work on the second issue - fighting for the idea of family?

This November, assuming nothing stops me, I intend to stand for election (as an independent) in a local by-election in my local Town Council area on precisely these issues.

The question is this, will you support me?

David Jones,
Independent Pennine Nationalist,
Todmorden, East Lancashire.

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