Thursday, 21 June 2012

How to solve the problem of the 6M mentally ill British

Stigmatise, stigmatise, stigmatise.

The whole thing is a fucking racket anyway to con money out of the mentally insecure and their government.

The more you tolerate them the more there will be of the mentally-ill to tolerate.

Our Culture of Excuses has its origins in tolerance of crap like this.  They used to be locked up in institutions and now, after tolerating them, MPs are now coming out as mentally ill.

Before too long it will be COMPULSORY to be mentally ill to become an MP as well as being a fool and a knave.

Feeling the blues is not a mental illness.  There are often perfectly good reasons for you to be blue if you feel the future is bleak, a loved one has died and you have been dumped.

The pain means you should do something about it rather than medicate.

Also, calling forms of bad behaviour mental illness, especially in children, just allows the shit mothers of Britain excuse themselves for their shit parenting and medicate them at the expense of the taxpayer if they are slut single mums who are a burden on the state, or their unfortunate husbands who do not know that their wife is a shit mum who cannot bring up his children properly. Are they even his, he should wonder.   Most British women are sluts after all, in this country of compulsory fornication.  Time to get a DNA test?

As far as I am concerned, the only form of mental illness we should take account of is actual insanity, when people hear the voice of God telling them to go and kill people, or are permanently and fundamentally mistaken about the some important fact.   (This would include our political establishment, interestingly.)

Everything else is just bad behaviour, bad parenting, stupidity, fecklessness, lack of character and a bad nature.

To remoralilse the British and give them better mental health, bring back religion and scare the hell into of them.

I would be the person to consult about a new religion for the British, as I have been directing my mind to this question for a long time now.

First, disestablish the Church of England (which is full of dangerous Commie Pinko Liberal Homosexualists and Feminists).

Secondly, establish the Mosque of Britain which will have Anglican forms of worship (including hymns and carols and pews and dog collars), but without all the trinitarian crap and the clergymen who shamelessly promote gay marriage, like the Archbishop of Cunt and Reverend Richard Coles who has the dullest and most pointless show on Radio 4 but is paid to do so by the matriarchal BBC because he is gay and shamelessly promotes gay marriage, which is the sort of crap white middle class liberals and the women who run the BBC approve of.

Everything in the Book of Common Prayer that does not contradict the Koran should be used again, especially the scarier and more condemnatory bits.  

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