Wednesday, 6 June 2012

The monarchy serves no other purpose than to be a national ornament and a national soap opera

But that is reason enough to keep it going.

As long as the ornament serves the purpose of  being ornamental, as long as enough people follow the national soap opera, then the British monarchy is serving its purpose.


As long as monarchy exists, so will the class-envious rancorous Republicans who wish to abolish it.  These tend to be lower class leftists or disappointed nationalists and Europsceptics who seem to think it was the role of the Queen to rescue them from the defects of their corrupt political establishment which is now nearly wholly infested by fools and knaves.

It is not the role of an old woman whose job is to keep her views to herself and who cannot even vote to save the nation.  Sadly, these ignorant little men who cannot grasp the concept of a constitutional monarchy expect to be saved from their corrupt political system by a little old lady whose job it is to keep quiet about her political views.

These men have so little imagination that they cannot grasp that no constitutional monarch would wish to have the constitutional monarchy abolished under his or her watch.

Even if the Queen did exactly as these rancorous Republicans would wish, ie refused to sign treaties, refused to read Queen's Speeches, and found the monarchy abolished, she would get no gratitude from these class-hating rancorous men, who have no use for ornaments and would only stick them up their bums or their noses or just choke on them like toddlers who put everything into their mouths.

Anyone who finds himself or  herself born into the position of being a constitutional monarch would instinctively wish to preserve this role for himself or herself and wish to pass it on to their first-born male heir, and quite right too.

It is to be wondered at the number of legally-trained people who ought to know better than to keep moaning that the Queen is useless because she has not acted to promote the political agenda that they would wish.

It would appear that the virtues of duty and tradition are no longer held in any regard or even understood by the New Briton whose basest instincts are to envy those above them and oppress those beneath them, displaying their ignorance and inability to grasp that it is the role of a constitutional monarch to be politically neutral.  However often and loudly and patiently I explain to them the role of the constitutional monarch, which is to keep her political views to herself and go about her duties dutifully and cheerfully, they declare, again and again, mulishly and uncomprehendingly, that the Queen is not what she ought to be unless she does something that she ought not to do, which is to promote a political agenda that would mire the monarchy in bias and controversy.

Royal neutrality in politics became cemented from around the start of the reign of Queen Victoria

These New British Republicans merely wish to mindlessly destroy anything and everything that is good and noble about the past, and have it all replaced with gay marriage.

If only the current monarch could only just send these fools to the Tower for beheading they would be much happier and more respectful of the monarchy.  It is after all the only language mules and ignoramuses understand.   

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