Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Rev Richard Coles says Christ is in favour of gay marriage

RC:  It’s funny, I often think Christian ethics can be reduced to the simple injunction to grow up.

CK:  @RevRichardColes thinks Christianity is about supporting #gaymarriage and being generally "gay".

CK:  I mean "gay" in the sense of schoolchildren telling each other not to be so "gay".

CK:  When school children say to each other "Don't be so gay" they mean "don't be so stupid."

CK:  Perhaps Christian ethics should be more than just the bits a gay clergyman likes about the Bible?

CK:  Can you substantiate your view that Christian ethics support #gaymarriage?

CK:  Do Christian ethics support #gaymarriage?

RC:  In my view, yes.

CK:  Christian ethics would be the 10 Commandments, wouldn't it?

RC:  A bit more to it than the decalogue.

CK:  Go on?

RC:  Christinas believe that the Law inherited from Jewish tradition is fulfilled in Jesus Christ. Law + grace.

CK:  What on earth does that mean?

RC:  That the Law is not repudiated by fulfilled with the coming of Jesus and we now live by grace, not Law.

CK:  I would really like to know what you mean by this in plain English.

RC:  Jesus is not the Law, in its rigour and exactness and detail. He is its fulfilment, in his boundless grace.

CK:  How can you 'fulfil' a law if you do not follow it?

RC:  How can a reality be "inaugurated"?

CK:  No idea how reality can be inaugurated in the person of Jesus Christ. Can you give an example?

RC:  there is no other example. It is sui generis.

CK:  You are just talking nonsense then.

CK:  A link explaining how to go about making Christ "inaugurate" a reality would be nice.

RC:  ὥστε εἴ τις ἐν Χριστῷ, καινὴ κτίσις 2 Corinthians 5.17

CK: means NOTHING.

RC:   It’s an epistle, and points to the New Creation in Christ, which may help you with the inauguration thing.

CK:  What is this "New Creation in Christ"?

RC:   New way of living, through the the new relationship we have to God and each other in Christ.

CK:  What was the old way of living?

RC:  A life of atomised individuality, endless competition, anxiety, delusion and futility.

CK:  Are you saying that the Hebrews lived life thus?

CK:  You still haven't explained how and why the Bible supports #gaymarriage.

CK:  You still haven't explained, how the Bible, which condemns sodomy, supports #gaymarriage.

RC:  We could start at Genesis 2.18.

CK:  How does Genesis 2.18 support gay marriage?

RC:  It suggests that it is God’s will that we should not be lonely.

CK:  To not be lonely does not mean "be sodomites and lesbians".

RC:  No, but I think it does mean that to seek to bear the beams of love in our little space might be graceful.

  1. Do you think Rev Richard Coles is talking nonsense?  (There is only one correct answer.)
  2. How can something said to be an abomination in the Old Testament be endorsed as gay marriage by the Archbishop of Canterbury and Rev Richard Coles who is homosexual?  
  3. Does this not amount to sanctifying a sin?  This would be evil, surely?
  4. Can the Archbishop of Canterbury give a better account of himself than this?   No, the old cunt actually says active homosexual relationships are "comparable to marriage" in the eyes of God
  5. Why doesn't someone ask them what the hell these fucking Commie Pinko Homos in the Anglican Church think they are doing by talking the shit that they do?  Extramarital sex causes degeneracy and all the Abrahamic faiths, which condemn extramarital sex, are Eugenic in purpose and nature.   
  6. There is no doubt about the superiority of Judaism.   At least the Lord Chief Rabbi follows his religion because he spoke against gay marriage at
  7. Or the superiority of Islam or Sikhism to the cunting prating Commie Pinko shits who are Anglican clergymen and support gay marriage and women bishops.
Feminism AKA Sexual Liberation AKA Free Love AKA casual sex AKA same sex sex AKA tolerance of widespread illegitimacy, spreads degeneracy, as you will already have seen.   

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