Thursday, 14 June 2012

Imbecilic Parish Councillor wants to ban Nazi uniforms at WW2 re-enactment.

Should Nazi uniforms be banned at an event that is about WW2?  Parish Councillor Thorne in dumbed-down Britain thinks so.  So the Nazis were NOTHING do to with WW2 then??  

I bet you could advertise the event in Germany and get lots of young handsome Germans to come here who would enjoy strutting round an English village in their Nazi uniform, seig heiling merrily to their each other.

There could be special prize for the best Eva and Adolf couple too, and you can imagine pairs of them walking arm in arm enjoying the show, smiling and waving to one and all.

A prize should be awarded for the best Hitler impersonation.

Perhaps a Nuremberg rally could be re-enacted too while they were at it?

What fun that would be!

I would love to go to report on such an event.

Triumph of the Will as can be seen at will give you an idea of the cinematic event I have in mind that will be re-enacted in the North of England, but in English.

Perhaps the Lord Chief Rabbi could be prevailed upon to preside over events and be MC so the organisers do not have to deal with constant accusations of antisemitism.

To ban Nazi uniforms at a WW2 re-enactment would be the equivalent of asking Disney to ban cartoons.  Parish Councillor Barry Thorne and others of his ilk should be told to go and boil their heads.   

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