Saturday, 7 July 2012

BNP crash in Kingston with only 23 votes

David Child

I have been told:

"He's 29 or so, mind of a 15 year old. Drags his Scottish mother around everywhere. He blinks constantly and just looks out of place anywhere he goes."

One has to wonder at the judgement of the leadership in allowing this man who is known to be autistic to represent the party.   Perhaps the idea is to bring the BNP into more hatred, ridicule and contempt by right-thinking members of society.

The point has been made again that Nick Griffin is a state agent by another contact, because it is the considered view of this former supporter that that the establishment want Nick Griffin firmly in place so he drag the party and its supporters through the mire and discredit nationalists even further to show them for the social retards they are.

As long as their leader is white and male they will follow him to ends of the earth.  Nick Griffin is the pied piper of Hamlin for the nationalist movement, and don't you forget it.

Despicable and contemptible, but there you have it.  He is white and I am not.  He is male and I am not.    If I were white and male they would be begging me to be leader.  But if I were white and male and successful, I would not want the job, especially if I had a wife ....


Anonymous said...

The BNP are a bunch of clowns.

Anonymous said...

David Childs is a great activist a generous donator,supporter and lifetime member.
thank you for standing for the bnp david we are lucky to have you.

Anonymous said...

If this man is autistic then well done the British National Party! This shows the the British National Party does not discriminate against the disabled. Shame on those who are against the disabled.

Anonymous said...

fact is the main reason the BNP are unable to really thrive despite MASSIVE effort is completemedia black-out unless bad news.I do recognise the point about NG tho', we prob will not know the truth of this for a long time!fact is no one is perfect,humans are all sorts,Dave did well!

Claire Khaw said...

If only you people would understand that you should only put up candidates you would be proud to have represent you.

It is just a waste of time putting up dud candidates that you know would embarrass you if they win.