Thursday, 12 July 2012

Bob Taylor of the BNP thinks I am an English Democrat

Perturbed by BNP "Attack Dog" Bob Taylor's paranoid fantasies that I have joined the English Democrats and am even now plotting the downfall of the BNP with Eddy Butler, despite my repeated denials, I confided in Eddy in the following terms:

"Bob Taylor is now really quite convinced I have gotten into bed with you and we are about to take over the English Democrats."

Eddy's response to me:

"Taylor is a mentally-challenged grunt beneath the lower rung of the most inbred criminal non-working class - I suspect he has Down's Syndrome.  As such his opinions are unworthy even of a momentary consideration."

However exasperating Bob Taylor is, he does represent the views of the majority of the BNP.  You cannot reason with them, or appeal to their better side.  

The following sum up his views:

  1. He wants fox-hunting to remain banned because he, like many townies of his ilk, think fox-hunting is killing Basil Brush.
  2. He has declared that he is more concerned about animal rights than extremist feminism.
  3. He keeps insisting I want to "kill babies" when all I have proposed is that infanticide (or child euthanasia, if you prefer) be legalised if you are the parent of an unviable unwanted disabled and deformed baby and do not wish to bring it up out of taxed income nor pass the burden of it to other taxpayers.  I on the other hand believe that it is imperative for this country to discuss eugenics fully and frankly before the depraved, illegitimate, disabled and degenerate British become even more depraved, illegitimate, disabled and degenerate, if they fail to challenge and criticise their evil and immoral women who are even now breeding the next generation of criminal rioting bastards whom no sane British employer would wish to hire.
  4. He pretends not to get what I say about Slut Single Mums being bad for Britain and wants boys and girls "to have their fun".  In other words he wants white British women to remain the cheap promiscuous slags they are so white men who cannot afford to take a wife can still get their end away.
  5. He continues to insist I am an English Democrat when I have said loudly and repeatedly how much I loathe their anodyne blandness and their contemptible strategy of taking the rejects of the other Eurosceptic parties while boring the voter to death.

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