Tuesday, 24 July 2012

British Nationalism - do you prefer the Claire version or the Kim version?

Do you prefer Claire's anti-feminist and anti-slut libertarian version of British nationalism that promotes male and parental authority as well as fewer laws and lower taxes in a new remoralised Britain?
Or do you prefer the Kim male-belittling, virulently Islamophobic  totalitarian version of British nationalism?  Most men are afraid of her but probably won't be able to say NO to an invitation to enter her "bat cave" her if she thrusts her very ample bosom into their faces.  Most male politicians are afraid of her, and women like her, because too many of them now have the vote, as do her singly-parenting female friends who have deprived their offspring of a father and who don't think it is any big deal to have illegitimate offspring or illegitimate grandchildren. These are the women who spread illegitimacy and degeneracy in YOUR society, gentlemen, while scorning the size of your genitalia and sneering at your erectile dysfunction.  Should she and women like her continue to have access to your taxes so they can continue to singly-parent and badly-parent the next generation to the detriment of this once great nation?

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