Monday, 2 July 2012

Can I have dinner with the Chinese Ambassador now please?

I didn't marry into royalty to schlep around in a taxi': Kate is branded a gold-digger in bizarre promotional video for Chinese city

Bizarre advertisement sees royal lookalikes trying to hail a taxi
It shows the 'Duchess' moaning because she can't use the royal limo
Video appears to mock Kate for failing to carve out her own career

is how The Hatemail has chosen to portray this publicity video advertising the promptness of the black cabs of Chengdu.

I bet the script was thought up by someone BRITISH paid for by the Chengdu Association for Cultural Exchange.

So, again it is the British themselves who have been rude about their monarchy.

The video was conceived, filmed and acted by the British themselves. The Chinese paid for the publicity stunt, and that was the extent of Chinese involvement in this matter. I am sure they did not set out to insult the Royal Family. They probably saw nothing wrong with the video because the British are always insulting members of the royal family and they have seen much worse.

I think it is rather charming that Chengdu now have black cabs.

And trust the Hatemail to make a nice story nasty.

(Can I have dinner with the Chinese Ambassador now, please?)

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