Saturday, 7 July 2012

Chris Forster on the collapse of the BNP vote in Kingston

BNP election results don't get much publicity these days.

So here is one from last Thursday 5/7/2012

Grove Ward , Kingston Upon Thames:
David Child  BNP  23 votes (yes twenty three) just 1.1% of the vote.

Six years ago the BNP candidate in neighbouring Richmond was Chris Forster and the vote in Whitton Ward was approaching 600, not 23.

The candidate in a ward in Hammersmith was Steve Tyler with a vote approaching 300.

Election results across the country were texted from regional to group organisers to members and supporters.  Almost weekly results of votes between 15% and 40% were reported and circulated.

Between 2005 and 2010 there was enthusiasm and optimism despite the most horrid leadership style and terrible decision making.  Even though the leadership had consistently remove or forced out decent members who were key players, advances were being made as better people were joining faster than the leader could get rid of them.

Following the 2006 West London results the continued growth was due to the involvement and mutual assistance of so many people in the area ,local groups formed in every West London Borough,

Nick Erickson
Bob Bailey
Chris Forster
John Donnelly
Neil McA
Chris Hurst
Dan Finch
Dave Martin
Mike "Smith"

as organisers, fundholders, then as they helped in other areas it was reciprocated by such as

Bob Gertner
Julian Leppard
Rowena Savage
Brian Wilkes
even Steve Curry

In other words everybody wanted to help everyone else and was encouraged to do so.  Precisely the same type of expansion happened all over England, whether in the West Midlands, Newcastle or Hertfordshire, and to a degree in Wales and Scotland too.

What has happened with the gain of just 23 votes in Kingston?

The answer is simple and obvious, the truth is the forementioned are no longer involved.
There is no organisation.  Griffin and his henchman deliberately and systematically dismantled it when pertinent questions about financial accountability were asked repeatedly and continually.

There are no local volunteers continuing regular activities.

There are no local leaflets printed on digital duplicators.

There are no local meetings.

Who is the London organiser?

Is it still the pornography shop owner Squire?

Is there a London committee?

Precisely the same type of contraction and decline has happened across the land, whether in London, Leeds or Lanarkshire.

I can say for certain that the few remaining members are not even informed of anything that is happening, last week's Kingston election humiliation being an example.

I am not saying that Grove Ward , Kingston, was one of the wards showing most potential a few years ago.  But what I can say is that it is a ward where just a little organisation and effort would see a vote of 100 or about 5%.

Yet even that is no longer possible, that is how hopeless the BNP has become.

Any remaining members really should examine what they are doing and hope to achieve, because they are just wasting time and money continuing under the BNP permanent chairman and the low life undesirables who fill so many of the senior positions in the party.

Chris Forster
Former Sub Regional Organiser

PS      Feel free to forward or post anywhere that you consider may be helpful to the cause of decency, honesty, democracy and national preservation.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Chris for calling me and my family low life,
if you have any proof of me being a pornographer/retailer other than the rants of a prostitute Facebook friend of yours and sexpest butler,show the whole world.

you yourself earn a living from adult fantasy/mystic and if people want to visit a conman well your providing a service arnt you, nobody forces consenting adults to go to you.
It is well known that i have broad range of tenants covering all aspect of business/light industry so you can also call me a panel beater,car mechanic,woodworker,etc,etc,etc, if it suits you.

I have done my best to keep london together and considering all thats gone on and what i inherited am not ashamed of my record.

lastly no one is being left behind who doesn't want to be, and all bnp people of london are welcome.

steve squire
london organiser.

Eric said...

This is the way the world ends: Not with a bang but a whimper.

The BNP Hollow Men indeed.

Anonymous said...

fuck off eric

Anonymous said...

Is this the same Chris Forster that was once exposed as a "psychic fraud" by London's Evening Standard?
I have news for you Chris. There ARE local volunteers continuing regular activities. There ARE local leaflets printed on digital duplicators. There ARE local meetings BUT YOU ARE NEVER INVITED BECAUSE OF YOUR NEGATIVE ATTITUDE.
I gather that Grove Ward in Kingston was contested because it became available to be contested. In other words, an opportunity arose and the West London branch decided to go for it. This represents a different way of thinking from when you were in charge. I have been told that West London BNP intends to contest every possible election that it can. These new people in charge are not afraid of failure and will not just contest election where we guaranteed to do well.
You compared Grove Ward in Kingston to a ward in Richmomd. This is like comparing chalk with cheese. You have compared the BNP's best ward in Richmond with the BNP's worst ward in Kingston. I should point out that the Labour Party has ZERO councillors in Kingston. If we compare this election to a comparable election in this ward just two months ago (GLA London-wide Assembly) then we can see that the BNP's vote actually increased; the Labour party vote decreased and the Greens and UKIP vote collapsed.

Anonymous said...

Let us not forget the "Chris Hurst" effect on this part of London. It was Chris Hurst who was featured on the front page of the Sun newspaper giving a Nazi salute. Chris Hurst is well known in Richmond and Kingston. Apparently this is the number one reason for any collapse in BNP votes in this part of London.

Claire Khaw said...

Nobody really cares about Chris Hurst raising his right arm on holiday in Hungary, except the hysterical, the cowardly and the easily embarrassed.

The more hysterical people become about the Nazis the more people will form an urge to raise their right arm.

It is strange, is it not, that the further we are away from WW2 the more hysterical people get about the Nazis?

In any case, a Roman salute was intended to show the person you are greeting that you come in peace and are not carrying a weapon.

Frankly, I prefer this form of greeting to the germs you catch by having to shake people's hands.

If I had been leader I would have said "So what?"

I think it is a sign of mental retardation for the leadership of the party to be OK about being represented by a candidate suffering from mental retardation. As if the BNP did not have enough problems being represented by knuckle-dragging Neanderthals, they now have knuckle-dragging Neanderthals suffering from Asperger's Syndrome!

One really has to wonder where Nick Griffin is leading nationalism.

He seems happy for nationalism to be represented by the most unprepossessing specimens of the white race, for some reason, while discouraging anyone with a bit of education and a decent job from entering it.

From what has happened to Eddy Butler, anyone with anything to lose would be well advised to stay away, it seems.

If you have a decent job and get into trouble with your employers for supporting the party, you can be sure that Nick Griffin will give you NO SUPPORT AT ALL.

How different it would be if I were leader!

What a shame that Nick Griffin is happy for nationalism to be represented by people who are seen by voters to be angry losers or social retards.

Things are so bad now that the best the party can do is to show that the nationalism still breathes and lives, even if it is in a persistent vegetative state on life support.

It has been said more than once that Nick Griffin must be a state plant, because all the wrong decisions he has made cannot be solely attributed to bad luck and incompetence alone.

If he is a state plant then clearly he should be deposed.

If his mistakes are due to bad judgement then he should consider stepping aside and inviting leaders of talent to take over.

However, since he treats members as if they were serfs and he their feudal lord, nothing much will happen to nationalism as long as he is in charge.

Anonymous said...

I find your views on the disabled to be disgusting. FYI David Child is not a mental retard; he is university-educated and has a very high IQ.
Who needs Chris "Nazi Salute" Hurst and Eddy "Street Brawler and Sex Pest" Butler?

Claire Khaw said...

So is a graduate? How very interesting! Why was this not mentioned earlier, I wonder. May I know what his degree was in?

Jeff Marshall said...

I have met and spoken to David Child on a number of occasions. My own impression is that he is dedicated party activist and an intelligent man. Congratulations to him (and to anyone else, for that matter) who has the courage to represent a real nationalist party rather than a phoney one.