Friday, 27 July 2012

Claire Khaw dubbed "Queen of Nationalism"!

DC  27 July 09:40
Credit were credit is due. Claire Khaw, out thought, out lasted and out manouvered Kim Gandy on every front. Kim Gandy has had some political experience, but it did not show. All she only was hurled abuse on a daily basis.

Claire was able to engage in trash talk, employed a bit of deception, a bit of humour and had much more stamina than Kim, not only that, she also picked up a few new admirers as well.

I declare Claire Khaw Queen of the Nationalists :)

KD 27 July 09:46
That is one of Claire's skills and strengths whilst she is well read with legal training and a sharp mind she can alter her output for any particular person. Everyone is catered for, from the eggheads on here to the sub-intellectuals such as myself and also the barely literate but very obstinate people. She also has time for most people including those who aren't capable of undertsanding her. Claire needs to get to the chattering classes, the intellingentsia, the liberal elite and media professionals; only then can she have any real influence or significance.

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