Sunday, 1 July 2012

A deeply insulting suggestion by Daryll Christopher and my outraged response

"Most if not all successful political parties appeal to women, gays and the greens. This is perhaps 60-70% of the electorate. They all exclude men. This is why very few, if any legislations have been passed giving men anything whatsoever. Claire Khaw's positioning on the political spectrum "ignores" women, gays and perhaps even the greens. She has also said and continue to say controversial things, not good for any aspiring politician. 

I think she will struggle to build a team and get support because of her past. I don't think she is just a thinker, she just has trouble getting started. The very least she has to do is to apologize for her past indiscretions and reinvent herself."

My response:

I actually want to say I am against

1. Feminism

2. Gay Marriage

3. The Greens

4. The Welfare State

Clear blue water between me and the LibLabCon and the angry boring losers in UKIP, BNP and English Democrats who refuse to speak out against any of the above.

I would have thought strong, wealthy, independent men who dislike the way the government wastes our taxes while burdening businesses with red tape would support me, as well as sensible women who know what they want, ie to be good mothers to their children and good wives to their husbands and who do not wish to be compelled to seek an income to supplement their husband's in order to get by as as family.  

Is there really such a shortage of sensible strong and independent people in this country?

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