Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Did Bob Taylor commit the crime of computer hacking?

Bob Taylor  11:43PM Jul 16

"Claire ifyour in doubt about my ability with a computer, am sure you best mates Butler and Dalgleish can confirm for you what am capable of."

If Eddy Butler and Claudia Dalgleish had had their computers hacked (and they had), does this not sound like a confession?

For some very odd reason, Bob Taylor thinks the best way of discrediting me is to say that I have joined the English Democrats with Eddy Butler, when I have explained repeatedly and at length why I would never join the English Democrats because of ideological and practical reasons listed below.

  1. Their strategy of boring the English voter to death will never set the world on fire.
  2. They want to remain dull because they want to avoid controversy because they are weak, frightened and boring.
  3. They are happy with their strategy of taking rejects from other Eurosceptic parties.  
  4. Britain and Britishness was always ever an English project.  To retreat into the divisive regionalism of asking for an English Parliament means to acknowledge the failure of British nationalism.  There is not much point being English if one cannot also be British.   It would be like giving up your garden and your house and living in the shed.
  5. The party with the most policies I agree with remain the BNP, however badly they have treated me.
  6. My credibility would suffer if I ever became an English Democrat.
  7. I repeatedly advised Eddy Butler against joining the English Democrats telling him that if he thought the  BNP were small and useless he would encounter a more demoralising version of smallness and uselessness in the English Democrats.

If Bob Taylor has hacked their computers, then he is guilty of a crime.

If I am found guilty of computer hacking will I be liable for criminal prosecution?

As the offences under the Computer Misuse Act are criminal offences anyone found guilty will be liable for a maximum penalty of six months imprisonment and a £2,000 fine. Furthermore under Section 2 of the Computer Misuse Act an individual will likely be guilty of the intended further offence.

If Bob is indeed guilty, and found to be so, then he would be yet another convicted criminal who has disgraced the party.   The pity of it is that the crimes he committed were committed against his fellow nationalists.

British nationalists should really think again if they really are comfortable being represented by the likes of Bob Taylor.

Far Right: Bob Taylor next to Claudia Dalgleish in happier more unified times in the BNP.   Did he hack her computer and Eddy Butler's?

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Anonymous said...

Maggie Chapman
hey hun long time no speak im having a discussion with claire khaw - i use the word discussion lightly lol.She has accused bob taylor of hacking your computer, is this correct? if you dont want to answer its fine, just want to get to the truth xx hope you are well xxx

27 minutes agoDonna Treanor
Hi Maggie, no it wasn't Bob, I know exactly who it was and the police have been told who it was. I'm ok Maggie, hope you are well too xxx