Monday, 9 July 2012

How is the BNP "incompatible with the teaching of the Church of England in relation to the equality of persons or groups of different races"?

" ... it shall be unbecoming or inappropriate conduct for any archbishop, bishop, priest or deacon to be a member of, or to promote, or express or solicit suport for a poliltical party or other organisation whose constitution, policies, objectives, activities or public statements are declared in writing by the House of Bishops to be incompatible with the teaching of the Church of England in relation to the equality of persons or groups of different races."

This sounds fair enough.

So fair enough that it would only apply to NF clergymen but not BNP ones.  After all the BNP now allows non-white members to join while the NF would forcibly repatriate them.

Taken when I was still member and prospective London Mayoral Candidate in May 2011

Me, after I was expelled for saying that I would not wish to bring up a severely disabled baby or allow it to become a burden on the taxpayer on the Victoria Derbyshire Show, and Jeffrey Marshall, East End Organiser outside the Bevis Marks Synagogue.  September 2011
Taken September 2011 at the London Social.  Nick Griffin with an IC4 activist and the Uruguayan-born London Mayoral Candidate Carlos Cortiglia

If BNP clergymen are to be banned, then it is incumbent on the Church to show how and why, with reference to the BNP manifesto and constitution, how BNP policies are incompatible with the teachings of the Church of England in relation to the equality of races.    

Griffin said that the BNP had changed its constitution and now had a "small but significant number of people" from "ethnic" backgrounds.

I expect that no one will in the BNP will have the nous to take it up with the Church and I therefore do so on its behalf to demonstrate that I am more on the ball on these matters than the incumbent leader ever would be, though, to be fair to him, he is currently out of the country, again, this time on holiday with his wife in Milan.  

I hope the Chairman will get back to me as soon as possible in relation to the sum of money he would like me to pay him to in order to 

  1. annul my expulsion
  2. announce his retirement
  3. appoint me as caretaker leader

so that I may go about raising the funds required to facilitate the handover of the BNP to me as soon as possible.   

The sooner I am leader of this party, the sooner will Britain be returned to smaller and more rational government thus enjoying fewer laws and lower taxes after ridding itself of the scourge of feminism, and the sooner the BNP will be recognised as a radical but non-racist party that wishes to promote the long-term national interest.

The sooner too will be its unsavoury image of being a party of CHAVs and knuckle-dragging Neanderthals be cleaned up once and for all.   

Below are those who may wish to help me raise funds to buy the Chairman off.

  1. Men who have had enough of feminism
  2. Women who have had enough of feminism
  3. Muslims who have had enough of feminism
  4. Right-minded members of society who have had enough of feminism
  5. Anyone who wants to repeal the Equality Act
  6. Anyone who wants to repeal the Equal Pay Act
  7. Eurosceptics of all classes and races and religions
  8. Anyone who hates the idea of UK law recognising "gay marriage"
  9. Anyone who wants lower taxes
  10. Anyone who wants fewer laws
  11. Any employer who objects to having to pay maternity leave
  12. Any employer who objects to having to pay paternity leave
  13. Anyone who wants the end of no-fault divorce
  14. Anyone who wants to children to be taught properly in schools that instil discipline, consideration for others and respect for one's elders
  15. Anyone who wants criminals punished properly, corporally and capitally


Eric said...

Talk about an exercise in futility. Are there any BNP or NF clergymen in the CofE, or ever likely to be? After all, the effete state church can only attract to ministry those who believe that Jesus Christ was the first social worker, human rights campaigner, gay rights advocate and lefty political activist with a keen interest in feminism and global warming issues.

Anonymous said...

The woman on the left in the first picture, to the left of Nick Griffin, is quite good looking. Who is she?

Claire Khaw said...

Eric said...

Nick Griffin with two lovely ladies. Wasted on him. Talk about pearls and a pig.