Sunday, 8 July 2012

How much will it cost me to buy the BNP from Nick Griffin?

The quickest way to take power in this country, I have decided, is to buy myself a political party that is already up and running, known for its courageous radicalism and defiance of public opinion.

What I really really want is for Nick Griffin to

  1. annul my expulsion (ie treat me as if I have never been expelled)
  2. announce his retirement
  3. appoint me as caretaker leader

That's it, really.  My needs are simple.  

All I need  now is for him to name a sum, and Britain will be well on its way towards its Great Khavian Age of Ultra Rational Nationalism when Britons of all races will be made as far as possible as rational, robust and resourceful as its benign dictator, and draw a line under the mistakes of its degenerate liberal past ...  

1 comment:

Eric said...

As the BNP is technically bankrupt, presumably a token £1.00 is all it's worth.