Monday, 2 July 2012


(By David Jones, Independent Nationalist,
Todmorden, East Lancashire)

In my hometown of Todmorden, a small, once prosperous town of 14,000 of productive inhabitants, the town where I was raised all my life and which I love dearlym we have seen many changes, most of them for the worse. I have had many a conversation in the course of my political activity, including with former members of its old borough council. Being only 27 years young I have only heard about the town my voters remember dearly.

That town, I am constantly told, was a town without drug-problems, deadbeat dads, slapper mothers, wastrel youths smashing up the bus shelters , race problems or waste of space ‘community groups’ run by liberal colonisers. It used to have four major strengths that kept it so strong that it was the only on of ten boroughs that was not “in the red” when it went into Calderdale Council (i.e. In debt);

1. Elected members of the old Todmorden Corporation, may have been members of different political parties, but they were first and foremost “True Todmorden”, that is to say they put the interests, order, peace and productivity of the town at heart. It could almost be considered a “one-party” council, because the councillors of the three main parties were loyal to the town. The corruption of the national political parties had not yet filtered down to local politics until the 1970’s. One former 1970’s councillor said to me that we “had three parties loyal to one town”.

2. These Councillors were also successful businessmen and family-oriented people. The stigma of being a deadbeat, runaway father or a loose woman still prevented people of questionable morality from getting elected to positions of trust, power and responsibility. Compare that to the plethora of workshy layabouts that fill our Town Halls today.

3. Those that had the power were usually of from families that had built themselves up and worked hard, they owned businesses and employed people, they had grandparents who started from humble beginnings and raised their children to marry the right kind of women who would not destroy the wealth their forefathers amassed or lose it in a divorce to an unsuitable wife.

4. This culture, the true culture that made is great as a nation not ‘tolerance and fair play’ as we are taught, filtered down to the rest of the families in the town and encouraged them to work hard and form strong families. People did not “put number one first” but tried to honour their families and their trades, and those that didn’t were simply allowed to go to the wall. Families took hard decisions and ostracised their losers and wasters.

All this I know because I come from a fourth-generation farming family, a family that I am proud to call just that, as I grew up I learned from other farming families and customers (our family ran a dairy and delivered our own milk). Our customers on the Avenues of Dinely and Longfield also came from strong families. These were often rough families, but they still knew how to raise their families properly, and it is they and their children who I am proud to say make up my voting base. I respect the names of families who stayed strong, and that has always been my inspiration.

Of course the Todmorden Corporation of 36 United Todmordians is long gone, in their place is 51 Calderdale Councillors (of which only Northowram & Shelf, and a Ryburn councillor—both Conservatives) fit the description of being rooted in a tradition of local hardworking families serving their localities. And we have eighteen Town Councillors, sixteen of whom who again have not done a productive days work in their lives.

In short, the destruction of real and genuine community values lies not in the lack of superficial ‘patriotism of coming together’ to wave the flag, on royal occasions, at football matches or increasingly to cheer the troops off to some god-forsaken foreign hell hole! No! it was when families were weakened and undermined by transient liberals, feminists, yuppies, public sector Marxist trades unionists.

If you want to take your country back, first you must take control of your family, then your neighbourhood, then your community back from the evils of liberal feminism and degenerate consumerism being imposed by national political parties.

Otherwise you are just wasting your time.

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