Sunday, 8 July 2012

How to become leader of a party you are not a member of

I was asked by Griffin loyalist:

"How can you challenge for the leadership of a party when you ain't even a member of the party?"

I could set up a party that has exactly the same constitution and manifesto as the BNP, but then start making changes from there, to show how it can be done.

The BNP are reduced to thinking that showing they are still breathing, though in a persistent vegetative state and on life support, is the most they can do at the moment.

(This is seen by the fact that the leadership thinks it is OK to field a candidate who has Asperger's Syndrome who in the event  obtained 23 votes votes in Kingston.  Not that UKIP did much better with 56.)

I invite everyone to use their imagination on how things different things would be if I ran the party.

The Eurosceptic movement would be merged into just one non-racist broad church party made up of people who want fewer laws and lower taxes with criminals punished properly and children taught properly.  The country could then be taken by storm.

"My kingdom for a horse" is a Shakespearean refrain that comes to mind.  It is true that politics is a bit like horse-whispering, and I have not been doing terribly well by trying to appeal to their reason.  I must try harder to persuade them that civic nationalism is the only way forward and that civic nationalism can really be quite radical and successful if you are prepared to take risks.

Taking risks is not pretending that butter wouldn't melt in your mouth.  Taking risks is claiming that it will positively SIZZLE.

And this is what I promise: All my policies involve the lowering of taxes and the repeal of hated legislation as well as the condign punishment of criminals.

What is there not to like?


Anonymous said...

Interesting you mention Asperger's.

I think the following former BNP members may possibly have qualified for having Asperger's:

Simon Sheppard
Jonathan Bowden
Arthur Kemp

Anonymous said...

And yeah, anti-feminism and other sensible right-wing policies are all very nice, but "non-racist"?

Anti-feminism and racism go hand in hand, like beer and pint glasses.

Claire Khaw said...

I have met Simon Sheppard whom I found perfectly pleasant.

Jonathan Bowden was an introvert and is probably a shy person.

I have never met Arthur Kemp.

Claire Khaw said...

Excuse me, but I am anti-feminist but not racist.

Eric said...

As Griffin is the Sun King of the BNP and 'l'état, c'est moi' applies, the persistent vegetative state of the party is simply a projection of the vegetable Griffin himself.