Monday, 9 July 2012

Is £200k too much to pay Nick Griffin to hand over the BNP to me?

CK to Eddy Butler

"I am trying to get Nick Griffin to name a price for him to annul my expulsion, announce his retirement and make me caretaker leader. How much would you ask if you were him?"

EB to CK:


CK to EB:

"On what is this sum based?"

EB to CK:

"It is his pension for life - a little earner plus it feeds his vanity. Also, he will get the odd bequest and he will face prison if anyone gets their hands on the accounts."


Anonymous said...

We don't want a gook in charge Claire. No offense.

I agree with your anti feminist stance but you should really give up on any thoughts of playing a leading role in British Nationalism.

Steve did a excellent job in tough circumstances during the election and he has my (and many other British Nationalists respect) your attacks against him were cheap and below the belt.

Claire Khaw said...

Steve Squire is a trooper, I know that, and I want it on record that bear him no ill will whatsoever.

However, I feel it is my duty to air these subjects when they need airing.

It is interesting that it was others in the party who brought it to my attention that David Child has Asperger's. It is clear that they disliked having their party being represented by someone they felt was abnormal and embarrassing.

I am aware that my gender and my race are against me. I feel sure if I were white and male you would be begging me to lead your party. But then if I were white, male, successful with a wife and family, I would decline to do so.

It is delightful to taunt you with the cruel irony of it all!

Perhaps you should all be thinking of raising the £200k I need to take the party from the incumbent leader so I can turn the party away from failure and disgrace and instead to success and popularity, for a change.